Montreal Life

by - December 06, 2015

Hello lovies! So these next two entries are soooo old, like back in the beginning of August when Dave and I brought my sister to Montreal so that she could fly out to Morocco to spend two months over there with her husband.

This was during one of our many stops. MANY....MANY stops. It normally takes around 5.5 hours to get to Montreal, but it took us 8. EIGHT. Because we are all old and need to eat and pee fifty thousand times.

Denny's *SHUDDER*.

We went through many epic transformations of weather. One minute it would be crazy storming and the next it would be sunny. So that was cool for an eight hour drive. 

And then....rainbows.

Once we got to Montreal, we had zero time to sit and relax before we had to rush my sister and all her shit to the airport. And check her in, and wait, and all that fun stuff. Needless to say it was a pretty crazy day. Dave and I didn't get back to our room until around 9:30PM, and we were exhausted and hungry. But look!!!! Hercules! I loved this show as a kid. This cheered me up and then it was time to go for pizza.

So, only having been to Montreal a small number of times, we didn't realize our hotel was in one of the 'worst' areas. I say 'worst' because I mean, it was fine. People say that Dave and I live in a really bad area and to an extent we do, but as long as you are smart blah blah, you'll be fine. So it was fine. Although I was on a mad hunt for alcohol to buy and bring up to our room, but apparently they stop selling it at 11PM. I did not know this.

And after falling into bed like the dead, we woke up the next day ready to explore the city! Dave had never been to Montreal, so I was excited to show him the few spots that I knew and liked (of course old Montreal....I am touristy in my own country, what can I say?)

Like this teeny tiny hallway. Like we were in the Twilight Zone in a teeny tiny hotel.

Stay tuned for the next post where you actually see interesting things! Not like this piece of garbage that had nothing fun! 

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