Ubisoft Holiday Party 2015

by - December 28, 2015

Hello there pals! I promised some fun times up ahead, and I will try not to disappoint! When I was putting this post together I realized that I didn't take a lot of pictures (doh!), So I will try to make it exciting.

I was tired that day. Like, 'I don't want to go to a party' tired. BUT, Dave took his time so I wasn't rushed either. It was nice because I worked all day, and then we ran around after work (errands) and then had to come home and get ready. I'm not good with craziness like that, I need a minute to breathe. It made for a happier Kato, and I leisurely got ready and was happy to go.

It was masquerade themed. Dave and I left everything until the last minute (as usual), so we were essentially mask-less. Dave did have a half mask that was handed out by his work, so he decided to shave his head and beard (which were crazy) to add to the disguise. It worked to! People didn't recognize him. I didn't care about a mask, I was fine being myself.

There were fairies walking around handing out vials of absinthe. I had never tried it before, and probably never will again. That shit nasty. But, also very strong, which is good if you want to be completely wasted (I did not). They were literally handing them out all night long. Also, Di is blue steel to the max.

The vials. I could only handle 1 and a half. God they were gross. Mind my gross thumb, we can't all be beauty queens.

It was a super fun night though! Music was good, company was good, beer was good. 

They also had a girl wandering around, also dressed fairy-like, with light up hoola hoops. Ubisoft goes all out man. I felt like I was in a crazy magical world. 

On the rooftop patio (where it was FREEZING!), one of the very few cold nights so far this December (I say this while a huge storm is raging outside at the moment), they had huge fire warmers and people there to read your tea leaves. I did not get mine done unfortunately, I was only there to accompany the smokers (I don't smoke!). It was a beautiful night, and a beautiful view, so I am glad I didn't miss that.

And of course there was this. Fun times, once again Ubisoft!

Did you go to any interesting parties this holiday season?

Also, I know I am late, but Happy Holidays! 

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