2015: A Year in Photographs

by - January 04, 2016

Hello there! My annual year in photos (and now with video! Look at me evolving!). 2015 was a hard one, lots happened that definitely tested my ability to keep my head above the water of severe depression. BUT, the human spirit definitely fights to survive! In so many ways.

This year showed me who my heroes were. My mother, of course, who battled cancer and a subsequent pretty terrible surgery, but who did it with a smile (and a lot of drugs haha!). You are an amazing woman, one I hope to be like someday. Love you.

Dave, who I couldn't have done any of it without. Finding out my mother has cancer (in remission!) almost brought me down completely, but with Dave there I was able to keep going. He was also amazing when I went and stayed with my folks for a month to play nurse. Thanks for holding down the fort Dave, and keeping me sane.

My sister Krista, and her husband Idris. They have been through a lot this year, but have persevered! I can only imagine how hard it is not to be together for so long. Here's hoping 2016 reunites us all and our family can be whole again.

Also, my auntie Margaret, who took over for me when I needed a break from the 24/7 demands of a very sick patient, and who stepped in happily. You have no idea how much that helped me, so thank you.

I love you all so much, this one is dedicated to you!

I hope you enjoyed it! For all my other years, click below:

Thanks for being with me through it all gentle readers! I appreciate all of you visiting my tiny corner of the internet, and here's to many more years!

Happy 2016 everyone!

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