Stormy Day

by - January 15, 2016

Ok this was supposed to go up a couple of days ago, but I got lazy. And it really was blizzarding outside so brain enters shut down mode once I get home from work. BUT, this is good advice for the entire winter season, so enjoy knuckleheads! 

We are currently experiencing some stormy weather here in Ontario, and although Toronto doesn't get as much snow as the surrounding areas, we did get quite a bit today!

Not quite this level, but daaammmnnn! Can you imagine?

So here are my go-to's for evenings and nights like these...once the battle of getting home from work is over and you can shed your thousands of layers. And fall face first on to the couch.

1. Make some tea (and put some alcohol in it). I find the act of making tea warms me up. I don't even need to drink it, I just dump it down the sink once its made. Just kidding!

2. If you are so lucky as to have a fireplace (I don't), then light that sucker! Or better yet, shiver on the couch under blankets until someone else comes home and does it for you! P.S- for those who have a fireplace, you are lucky lucky bastards.

3. Pajamas and thick socks are where it's at! I HATE wearing anything on me feet if I don't have to, but sometimes I will make an exception. Because...winter.

4. I am sure this is mega OLD news by now, but if you haven't crawled out from your hibernation cave (I don't blame you), some Netflix is a MUST. And the documentary, Making A Murderer, is the one to watch. Make sure to call in sick for the next day BEFORE you start watching it, because the binge won't end until the doc does.

5. And last but not least, order some good take-out. Who wants to cook dinner when their kitchen feels like -20C? (like mine does). Order good stuff, bad stuff, whatever. Just shovel that food in and then continue lying around like a piece of garbage under the blankets until its time to schlep your bones to bed. Wait a minute....that's me every night. 

What is your go-to on freezing cold, stormy winter nights? Stay warm friends!

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