What I Got for Christmas 2015

by - January 02, 2016

Hello there friends! So...I debated posting this because well...no one likes a braggy pants! But, then I figured, it's all stuff that I am excited about and why not share? Besides, if you are anything like me you love this kind of shit. So here goes!

The stash! There was more to this pile, but it was mostly gift certificates, pyjamas (my fave!!!), stocking stuff which included a lot of essentials, and candy and chocolate. I am definitely a lucky, GRATEFUL girl folks. I know that there are people who are not this lucky in life.

My most exciting gift I think, was my Erin Condren! Holy crap just typing that makes me feel like the BIGGEST nerd haha! Not making fun of people who love their planners, because I certainly do. I have been wanting one of these for an entire year but couldn't afford it, so the lovely Dave got me one for Christmas. I was SO excited.

Ok! I will say yes!

I have only done one 'spread' so far (send help, shoot me), but I had so much frigging fun doing it. Not only does it let me be colourful and creative, but obviously it's main purpose is to plan and keep me on track and remind me of whats going on in life. 

Of course I can't have Christmas without getting books. I got a lot this year, and that makes me super happy! Dave pointed out though, that all the books he bought me were from the teen section at Chapters. Oh dear.

I really wanted a FAKE poofy thing for my keys. You know those $900 Michael Kors ones that all the rich ladies have? Well, I liked the look of them and wanted one. But, even if I had $900 to spend on one of those things, I just wouldn't feel right getting one (because they are real fur). Not bashing anyone who has one or something of the sort, it's just not for me! So I got a lovely $3 fake one and it makes me stupidly happy! As well as my pretty orange card holder. If I don't have to bring a wallet, I won't. Bulky things.

This thing is so frigging cool! It's a hand warmer (ummm....hello!), as well as an external charger for your phone, etc. Seriously, I'm in love with a hand warmer. You could also put it anywhere else you might be feeling frosty, just be careful ya pervs!

Ugghghhdhdhdduhiasfhu! My Bath and Body Works obsession is very real guys. VERY REAL. Especially my obsession with the Twisted Peppermint scent. I die. 

And the candles, the candles. I'm tearing up right now. I've also become THE most basic bitch in the last year. At least I don't own uggs and I really don't like Starbucks? No hate, I'm on your basic side.

This smells like freaking heaven in a bottle. The first time I wore it I kept catching whiffs and I would think 'what is that DELICIOUS smell?', only to realize that it was me! ME!!!! Hyperventilating.

I also got some pretty wicked colouring books too! Because colouring is like meditating to me. You should try it! I get lost in doing it and nary a thought passes through my head...it's wonderful.

YES Hagrid YEEESSSS!!! I'll colour you later big boy!!! I almost peed when I got the Harry Potter one. Y'all know how much I love it.

Anyway, that was it! I hope you guys don't hate me now. Also, Dave, if I forgot anything, I'M SORRY!! You were amazing in the present department! As were my parents and sister and anyone else that thought of me and wanted to buy me a present. Of course I don't expect it, and I love you all!

What cool things did you guys get?

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