Up to No Good: Abandoned House Edition...The Moon House

by - March 28, 2016

Hello there! Come with me into the Moon House. We had been passing this place on the highway for a long time, and I have wanted in desperately! For some reason, Mr. Dave the Scared and Terrified had some courage yesterday and I was able to convince him to do it. Once he agreed to go, you better believe I sat there not moving, quiet and barely breathing in case he noticed me and changed his mind. It's a precarious thing people.

Ah yes, my favorite part...walking up and taking it all in for the first time. Assessing the situation and checking for openings...and murderers of course.

He might have agreed, but let me stress THE RELUCTANCE. And the dragging feet to actually follow me. Hi tiny Dave!

Presenting the Moon House.

Around the back was a way in. Through that window that was hanging over a giant falling apart wooden door into the cellar. The dark, creepy as shit cellar. The wooden frame around the window wouldn't hold if I used it to pull myself in and yeah, no thanks clown in the cellar, I'm not hoping to meet you anytime soon.

I guess this was the kitchen.

Without flash.

With flash. My heart was beating at level 'you are going to die now'.

Then there was this guy. The "I'm fun and carefree" guy, not disapproving at all. Haha!

I wasn't going to test my luck going upstairs. The house was pretty falling apart, and the floors on the main floor had big holes. I could see through a window from the outside that the roof had come down in a couple of places upstairs. So my spidey sense said maybe skip it.

I love peeling paint. I find it kind of beautiful, but I find most decay (of buildings) beautiful.

Dave's reaction on seeing this was "what brand was it"? No, he did not come in with me. He stood outside and protected me from there.

See, holes. More spots for something to grab me and pull me down into their lair of death.

It looks like it was a really nice house though. It's a shame it was left to crumble and decay. I mean, I liked it just the way it was, but I'm sure it was much drier and inviting at one point.

Looking out the window down into the cellar.

Dave suggested going to check this guy out after. 10 points for brave Dave! 

I told to him sit on the windowsill for a picture and he said "I'm not sitting on that", as if it had spikes or a deadly disease spread all over it. Haha! Oh Dave.

So I did.

Looking down. Seems like someone was going in and out.

Looking up. Isn't that a nice sentiment? 

I hope you enjoyed that one! It was awesome to explore, as they usually are. It was funny because as we were walking back up the driveway to the car, a truck pulled in behind us and I thought 'SHIT, I'm never going to hear the end of this'. One of Dave's big fears about abandoned house exploring is getting caught, so I thought that's what was happening. Although honestly, you just apologize and continue on your way. But it was a couple of other people going in to explore the house themselves. They told us about another really cool place that we are DEFINITELY going to be exploring once the weather gets a little nicer. So they were awesome in my book.

Explore on my sexy friends!

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