2016 So Far

by - April 11, 2016

Hello again potatoes! I hope you are all having an excellent Monday. Give yourselves giant pats on the back for even waking up this morning...its hard I know.

But lets get into what has been happening in 2016 so far, shall we? Grab a coffee, tea, wine, whatever your heart desires, and enjoy this post.

Guys, my Bath and Body Works obsession is no joke. I literally want to die by falling into a giant cauldron of all the smells. I know I know, basic white girl blah BLAH! If it makes me basic I don't care...this is true love right here. Also, I had two candles burning because a mouse died in the wall somewhere and holy Christ for such little guys they sure do stink. Also, RIP little mouse :(

Oh why yes I do fancy a pip and a spot of tea (FYI: did you know a pip is a seed or something? And I don't fancy one at all! Those cute Brits though).

Hi there pumpkin butts.

I needed a picture of this EMPTY subway car. I thought it was broken and I was unsure of everything in my life in that moment. Finally someone else got on and I was like THANK GOD EW DON'T SIT NEAR ME.

Best V-Day card. 

This old girl has certainly been taking advantage of her senior status. All she wants to do is cuddle and I mean ALL THE TIME. She would get into the shower with me if I let her. What a life...I can only hope to come back as a cat with Dave and I as 'parents' (I couldn't think of another word haha).

I couldn't leave these assholes out.

Dave and I got to go for High Tea for our 11th anniversary. As always, it was amazing and lovely and even though I was sick AGAIN, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. Click here to see the last time I was really sick at High Tea.

And then it was time to try and get back into the abandoned crystal ballroom. 

If you have never heard me talk about the crystal ballroom before, it is the entire top floor of the king Edward Hotel that we infiltrated a few years ago (see that post here! It's a good one).

Unfortunately, everything is all locked up and no longer accessible to the brave ones who love crumbling beautiful things. It's amazing that something like that exists on top of this gorgeous hotel. Apparently the Crystal Ballroom is set to re-open this year after being abandoned for close to 70 years. That's amazing!

Photo Credit

11 years together though! It's been amazing, the ups and the downs. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Of course because we are covering the first 3 months or so of 2016, winter has been in full effect. So cold...REALLY cold. We can't complain too much because we didn't get much of a winter before this.

Still beautiful. I do love the snow.

Bag lady. Look at those paws! 

Still loving my planner. It really does help to keep me somewhat organized. Somewhat. It's my laziness that ruins it all.

Boring and not fun at all, but I was sick for about 3 months, starting in January. Started with a bad cold thing and turned into a chest infection/ pneumonia thing that just would not go away. Steroids and puffers got me through, but then I got an insanely horrible sinus infection. And these are the kinds of texts Dave has to put up with. Ahhh love....

First thunderstorm of the year back in mid March, which meant it was warm enough for one. Pshhh, that didn't last long.

Because then this happened. And kept happening. So much for an early spring! Honestly, I know I'll have a lynch mob after me, but I haven't minded the extra snow days.

I hope you are all having an amazing day! The weather here is overcast and a bit rainy, but I made it to work on time so I chalk that up as a victory despite the weather enticing me to stay in bed. Mondays always go by pretty quick around here anyway, so that's a plus!

What do you guys think of the new blog design?

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