All I Want For Wednesday: Beach Edition

by - April 27, 2016

Hello sunfish! I don't know about you but the weather lately has made me DESPERATELY wish for beach time. I'm not one to complain about snow and cold (I love it), but this year it feels like it has lingered. Warm weather needs to step in and take over. 

So, to pay homage to the sweltering days that lie ahead, lets dive in (see what I did there?) and take a look at some cool things to bring to the beach! P.S-none of this is sponsored (HINT #$@#^%&##@$@# HINT ).

In my search for an excellent beach bag, I found this one by Fullspot. The OBag (like O face??!!!!) would be perfect! The material would deflect sand. Plus you can change out the handles and turn it into a 'real' purse. That's good considering it is $65. 

A transparent makeup bag/ bag of some sort is always a good thing to put potentially leaky things into. You don't want sunscreen getting all over the inside of your $65 beach bag. 

I am so obsessed with this thing and I want one so badly if only to have everything all yellow lit and sunny, but I wouldn't be directly in the sun (pale is my middle name). It would be a cute, semi-private protective cover. For $198. I could probably make this for $10...maybe. Probably my laziness would cost me $198 for this one.

Yay for bright yellow pineapple beach towels! I really just love the color of this one, and it seems big enough to splay on comfortably.

So I am usually really stupid and almost never bring a drink with me when I go to the beach. Maybe if I am on top of things that day I'll throw in a bottle of water, but I have never even considered bringing beer or something! Imagine sitting under your ultra-fancy half tent (see above), on your pineapple towel, drinking a delicious cold beer that NEVER TOUCHES THE SAND?!!! I mean come on. I might sound like I am being sarcastic but I assure you I am not.

I most likely would never cart this thing to the beach, but the idea of it IS pretty amazing. It keeps things cool! It blends drinks! It streams music and charges your phone! Holy moly I want one for my living room.

A good pair of sunglasses is obviously a must, and Ray-Ban's are a classic go-to. And with this awesome mirrored effect, you can stare at people and judge them all day long, free from their judgement because you are judging them. You jerk.

And because you don't want to burn your little tootsies on the hot sand, flip flops are a requirement. You might as well have some cute ones!  You can get any saying custom made on the bottom of these, which is pretty neat. Mine would say "I know my butt is big. STOP STARING AT IT!" Or maybe something like that I don't know sheesh.

Slowly but surely the weather is turning warmer. Soon enough I'll be at the beach! 

Hopefully I won't get a parking ticket like I did last summer.

What is your favorite thing about the beach?

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