Top 10 Abandoned Places I Would Love to Explore

by - April 14, 2016

It's no secret that I love exploring abandoned places. Just do a search on this blog of the word 'abandoned' and a list of many of the places I've been in will pop up (seriously so much creep factor).

But what about all the places I would LOVE to explore, but most likely won't ever be able to? This is my top ten list of all of those places:

1. Pripyat-Ukraine

Of course this one is on the list! What lover of abandoned things wouldn't want to go here? Besides the certain death from radiation poisoning I mean. But pretend that wasn't a amazing would it be to just wander the streets and buildings of this place, taking pictures and listening to the quiet. Pripyat would be my dream come true for an abandoned adventure. The closest a person can get is the Zone of Alienation which is a 30KM radius from the ruins of the nuclear power plant. Not close enough!

2. Chateau Miranda-Belgium

So I am a sucker for an old house, but an old castle? Abandoned since 1991, this 19th Century castle was at one point an orphanage (oh man creep factor raised to level 10...have you seen the movie The Orphanage?) and a camp for 'sickly' children. I would want to spend a couple of days wandering around this place, but only during the day of course!

3. Nara Dreamland-Japan

An amusement park had to be on this list, and I have seen pictures of Nara Dreamland before. Nature has completely taken over, even though it has only been abandoned for 10 years or so. Assuming you bounce, how cool would it be to walk along the roller coasters and get a birds eye view of the entire park? I am sure there would be so much to see and take pictures of.

4. Wreck of the SS America-off the Canary Islands

Ok this would be TERRIFYING to me, but incredibly cool. I mean, how would you even get onto it? I would be paranoid that if I did manage the miraculous feat of getting on board, it would finally fully tip over or sink or something. The sounds it probably makes once you are in it would be ghostly! And I am positive that the pictures and story you would get out of it would be unbelievable. 

5. El Hotel del Salto-Columbia

On the other side of that picture is a giant waterfall. Tell me how this place EVER became abandoned? It is beautiful! Built in 1928, the hotel closed its doors for good in the early 90s when the waterfall became contaminated. People lost interest in the spot and stopped coming, plus others chose the cliff to end their lives. So there is that. My only question is WHEN CAN I GO IN?

6. Waverly Hills Sanatorium-U.S.A

Would I have the guts? Maaaaayyybbbeeee. If my sister was with me or something. I could  not be there with anyone else who was freaking out. ONE person needs to NOT be a spaz (I would be the spazziest). The sanatorium closed down for good in 1961 and since then many supposed 'urban legends' have found their way into the universe. Such things as the hospital being very haunted due to the over 9,000 deaths that occurred over the years it acted as a sanatorium, the legendary "death tunnel", and the story of a nurse who hung herself with a light bulb cord in room 502. Huh. Yeeaahhh. But shit would I ever want to go inside!

 7. West Virginia Penitentiary- U.S.A

Another potentially scary one. If you believe that places hold on to their negative energy, then a prison would definitely be a terrifying and maybe even depressing place to explore. This place is known for its executions and many riots and violence. I just think it looks cool in its decay. Thankfully you can actually go in here! It's a tourist spot now with tours and all that fun stuff. Takes away from the fun of a place being completely abandoned, but neat all the less.

8. Michigan Central Station-U.S.A

I bet this place is beautiful inside! Of course everyone hears about how crappy it is in Detroit, but this place is my Mecca. I would love to visit one day and (safely) tour all the abandoned places there are to see. It is sad that there is such a big state of decay in Detroit and how 'dangerous' it can be. And I wouldn't want to be a stupid person about that kind of thing, but man wouldn't it be awesome to walk through an empty, crumbly station?

9. Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture- France

Nature is amazing, wouldn't you agree? The "little belt railway" was built in 1852 and has been in a partial state of decay since 1934. I just think it is beautiful and would make for a very nice stroll. I also think having a train track that circles the city is pretty cool. That's how I used to build my cities in SimCity haha.

10. Hawthorne Plaza Mall-U.S.A

And last but certainly not least, the Hawthorne Plaza Mall is definitely on my list. I love malls (when there are no people in them), and I absolutely would LOVE to explore an abandoned mall. The prospect of it actually excites me. This mall in particular was born in 1977 and died in 1999. That's 17 years of excellent decay waiting for me to explore.

So what did you think of the list? Would any of you be brave enough to take a walk in any of these places? If anyone is willing to fund ME to travel to all these places I promise I will take great pictures and tell an amazing story!

I have always had a fascination with abandoned things, ever since I was a little kid. What fascinates you?

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