Springtime Such A Pretty Ring Time

by - May 18, 2016

Hello again friends and neighbors! Happy spring time to you...if you have been experiencing it. Here, it's wishy-washy. One minute its nice, the next freezing. Hopefully this is not foreboding to what the summer will be like! For now, let us enjoy the sunshine and take a look into what Spring has sprung so far.

I mean, honestly. Look at that little back paw curl. Is this what it's like to have kids and want to show every frigging person a picture of them? Yes? Ok I'm not like that then. Just kidding! You show off your creations and be proud!

It's all sunshine and blue skies from here on out. Hopefully.

Oh right, this was pretty big news wasn't it? Such a shame too. Here's hoping he has all the high heels and guitars he wants in rock 'n' roll heaven. 

Work attire. Spring dresses and tights! And booties I can't be bothered to zip up.

Our apartment is still chilly, so this one likes to steal all my warmth. It seems I don't mind (much).

The sky out my window one morning at the crack of shit dawn.

Spring does give good sky. 

Oh hello! Did I wake from my winter slumber? Yes, yes I did.

Spring time calls for Converse. And rain.

Lots of rain and storms. Which I love!

I went for a walk today around work because I just needed to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and blue skies. It was really nice. I work in an area that doesn't have too much going on, so it was nice to discover residential streets and a bit of green space.

If I caused the damage and then turned myself in, will I get the money? No? Oh ok never-mind then.

The sun is making my black roots brighter. Thanks pal! Honestly, that walk invigorated me. Now I'm ready to walk into my house and onto my couch. Think that'll fly when I have 2.5 hours of work left? I'm just full of burning questions today.

Well, this spring chicken must bid you all adieu. Until next time my dandelions!!

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