Up To No Good: Abandoned Trailer Edition

by - May 24, 2016

This past long weekend was one of lots of abandoned house exploring, which makes for an excellent time in my book! I am posting this one first because it was the most 'boring' out of the three that we went into. It wasn't boring at all, but comparatively it was the least crazy. 

We originally attempted to get into the house above, but sadly, there was no real way in. There was an opening but you would have to be a five-year-old to fit through it. We scoured the entire house to try and find a way in but it was sealed up tight. So, on to exploring the rest of the property instead.

Which consisted of a few buildings, mostly small barn type sheds with nothing much of interest, just junk. 

Lots of Christmas junk!

I stuck my arm through the opening to get a picture, and it looks like this was an enclosed porch.

After looking around for a bit, Krista noticed that there was a trailer sitting on the back of the property. We circled it and found a way in. Go time!

A tree had grown over the deck, so it was like walking through a jungle.

How stupid were we to be doing this when it was almost fully dark? After the house we just came from, believe me when I say that this was a piece of cake.

A teeny furnace. This was a very small house trailer, but maybe cozy when it was functioning as a home. Maybe not though, who knows? Whoever lived here was a very heavy smoker, it smelled pretty bad.

It was pitch black in here from all the windows being boarded up. It's terrifying entering a room where you can't see what's in every corner.

Melting fan. They all end up doing this eventually.

Wasp nest! AHHHH! Just kidding, it wasn't live thank god, or else I would have been outta there! Dave laughed and said "it's funny that it would be wasps that would get you out of there". Not the dark or scariness of it all. HA!

Lonely chairs are creepy.

This paper was from 2007, so it is possible this place has been empty for 9 years. That's quite a while. 

Obligatory toilet shot.

There was another little room beyond the bathroom but Krista was already heading outside and it was REALLY dark in there. I wasn't staying in there for any amount of time by myself! Like I said, this was the more subdued place out of the three, the one coming up was so scary, and I don't normally get THAT freaked out!

Stay tuned, and I hope you enjoyed! 

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