Up To No Good: Abandoned House Edition- The Devil House Part 1

by - June 07, 2016

Alright folks. Here it is...this house is up there with my top 3 scariest houses I have ever explored. Now, there was nothing exceptionally dangerous about this house, just to re-assure everyone of that (I know you are all going to think we are idiots haha!), it was just a feeling. It was all boarded up and completely dark in there, plus it was starting to get dark outside...which is a time we don't usually explore houses. I don't know why it was so scary, it was just a feeling that started before we even got in the house. And then got much worse the more we explored.

This house was pretty big, and must have been amazing in it's time. It's always a shame when gorgeous houses like this are left to rot.

Going around the back, the first thing you see is a swimming pool. Lucky ducks whoever used to live here. And then you see the awesome graffiti that a 10-year-old must have done, and even though I knew that, the stupid swastika still put me on edge.

It was so deep.

We have found a way in. Scouting for murderers/ crackheads/ anybody still home.

Lots of smashed glass. People are idiots.

Wow! Look at that pink motif. And the spindles. Oh jeez.

The steps to the basement. We went down there, don't you worry...that's for later though.

As we entered the kitchen, we were startled by a loud bang. A large piece of wood that had been propped against the wall fell over. I nearly crapped my pants, and may have hyperventilated for a minute or ten. It was at this point I screeched to Krista that we needed to get out, and now. Why did it fall down!!! The floor was pretty solid, no huge vibrations...was it an animal...A GHOST?? WHAAAATTTTT!!????? Krista, ever the zen queen assured me it was fine. But now the terrified damage was done.

AND THEN I SAW THIS. Why God why. I was literally inwardly panicking HARD. Again, Krista has no feelings towards it. Or if she does, she isn't saying anything! What the hell happened in this house?

Look at this fancy 70s kitchen though!

It really didn't help that it was pitch black in there. Thank god for the iPhone flashlight! Why we never bring an ACTUAL flashlight, I'll never know.

Bathroom was HUGE. And smelled like shit. That will also come later.

Baby crib. Not creepy at all.

More of whatever this is. Jam? Blood? I don't know, I wasn't going to study it too closely to find out.  

That was essentially the first floor in all it's scary glory. Stay tuned for upstairs and then when we finally go down those dungeon stairs to the basement. God we are one part incredibly brave and one part STUPID! Ha!

Did this one scare you too? #thenightisdarkandfullofterrors

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