Up To No Good: Abandoned House Edition- The Devil House Part 2

by - June 09, 2016

The last post we explored the first floor, so now let's head on upstairs. The stairs in this house were still pretty structurally sound, which makes me think that it could not have been abandoned for too long. Unless being boarded up so tight was actually working on keeping out moisture, but who knows for sure?

Cool. More 'jam'.

No NO NOOOOOOO. Bye!!!! I hate this shit. Even though I know it was just stupid kids being stupid, this stuff still scares me haha. I have watched way too many horror movies to be completely ok with this. Plus, I mean, there are evil people out there who think this is cool. What if they were in the house, watching and waiting? *shudder*

Looks a little more worse for wear up here. We stayed out of the bedrooms because of how they looked, and you never know if people just pulled the stuffing out of the ceiling or if the roof was leaking. HA! Leaking. More like dead. The roof was dead.

So dark. This was WITH an iPhone flashlight shining behind me.

Oh man this bathroom. Such a wannabe 70s porn bathroom. **WARNING*** there is a picture of crap 5 pictures down. If that grosses you out, I do apologize!

A full on sauna in the bathroom. How crazy is that?

Katherine's famous toilet pics!! I should do a compilation.

Scary basement area that we did not go down for some reason. We did go into the basement, but not this lower level. Maybe because it stunk? I don't know. **POOP INCOMING***

So Krista kept complaining that it stunk really bad like shit. I of course, have had cement in my nose for years now and can't smell anything (a blessing in this instance!). That's when we came upon this. Anyone care to blow up this picture and tell me what kind of poo this is? Because I know it's not raccoon poops. And it was fresh.

Bow-chica-wowow! Clearly whoever lived here was really into ummm...bathing.

Alright, this basement, and these stairs. Why would you want these stairs??? Why is everything in this house from a horror movie?

Krista was afraid they were going to break off the wall. I pointed out that even if they did, they would have no where to fall. They were jammed in-between the walls tightly. 

Really narrow, as you can see. At this point I accidentally kicked something on top of Krista's head and she screamed bloody murder. HAHA! I'm laughing because it wasn't me.

WHAT. THE. HECK. This was the ceiling down there.

Huge basement spiders. They probably did all the graffiti upstairs with the blood of their victims. 

Phantom raccoon prints. Hmm. Maybe it was raccoon poo. I bet you didn't think you would be reading so much about crap did you? Welcome to my blog!!

Would you lick that for $500?

Seriously what went on down here?

Ahhhh, back outside finally! Everyone in the pool!


Bye scary house. Thanks for the thrills, and for aging me 20 years.

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