7 Cool Tiny Homes

by - July 07, 2016

The tiny house trend has been on my (and I am sure everyone else's) radar now for a couple of years, and it is certainly gaining momentum. I have always been more comfortable in smaller spaces, and even would choose the smallest room whenever we moved into a new house. I love being cozy. It is something I strive for on a daily basis, what with the regular clothes coming off before I even get in the door (I'm kidding), and the makeup wipes doing their thang 10 seconds after I am home (if I am not being lazy that is. Ladies and gents, y'all know how it is). But when is small too small? Could you happily live in any of these tiny homes?

This 335-square-foot bachelor is small, but so pretty! I would love something like this (if I was single that is). But this smart lady only pays $950 a month for all of her expenses: mortgage, condo fees, internet, a parking spot, home insurance etc. Sigh...that alone makes me jealous. Click here for more pictures. I do love this tiny home and could be very happy in a place like this!

Now this one below, while great for some, would not be for me. It is only 20-square-feet! That's what I call extreme living. Could be fun as a guest house in your backyard! Plus, because it is so small it doesn't need a permit. Click here to read more. 

Another super cute little house. It is only 196-square-feet and three people live in it. Holy moly that is dedication to one another! But, this tiny house was bought for only $11,000, less than the cost of a car, and these people now live mortgage free. So frigging smart! I mean, how many hours a day are you in your house typically? If you are not retired I mean. Not many!

Another one I could definitely be cozy in! Especially with a fireplace. I am honestly in love with this tiny house because a) although the initial cost is a bit much for a 400-square-foot home ($91,500 U.S.), it certainly is luxurious! You put one together the way you want it and Wheelhaus builds and ships it where you want it, with all the hookups you need. Plop it on your piece of land, hook it up and you are good to go!

This one is a perfect summer home for those who don't want a second mortgage buying a cottage. Built on land and finished on the water, this is a place to truly get away from it all! No internet, no t.v...it sounds lovely. Gas and propane run the stove and fridge and the little heater on cold mornings. My dream cottage, I would never want to leave.

This house is another one that might be just a leeeetle too tiny for me. I mean, the bed is on a counter essentially! It is super cute for sure, and would do just fine as a little cottage or guest house. Being only 100-square-feet there isn't much room for bells and whistles. Again, extreme tiny house living at its finest. The cool thing though, its a trailer, so if you got bored, you could just say bye Felicia, and be on your merry tiny house way.

Of course I saved the best for last. And probably the most expensive, as it does look pretty big! For a shipping container home I mean. But oh my god is that view not gorgeous? It helps that this house is in New Zealand, but still...one can dream right? Click here to scroll through all the pictures of this shipping container home, you won't regret it. Because you are probably working and what else is there to do?

How do you feel about the tiny home trend? Do you think you would like it or are you accustomed to a more 'normal' kind of house? I wouldn't say no to anything to be honest! Living in a city where land is a hot ticket item (umm, or non-existent) and housing prices are frigging EXORBITANT, its good to look into alternative options.

If you ever had the thought "I would love to build my own tiny house and I am so ready to find some plans to do that", then you are in luck! MorningChores.com has 20 FREE tiny house plans available for download. So start building tiny home lovers, and send me the pictures when you are done!

I hope you are all having a great Thursday, and if you are in Toronto, your faces aren't melting off in this heat.

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