August Is the Sunday of Summer

by - August 17, 2016

Its true you know. Who likes August? At this point, I am just waiting for Autumn because I have had enough of this desert-like weather. The first day that the air is crisp and I can comfortably wear a sweater is the day my life begins again! Haha. That's depressing.

How have you been little pumpkins? It has been a while since I have done an update post. The Summer has been good, busy with work, busy with life, you know how it is. It has been SO HOT this summer, consistently in the 30s (celsius), and it has just been uncomfortable to get outside. 

She doesn't care though. She loves it.

My allergies this summer have been stupid as well, as usual. I sneezed so hard one day that I burst a blood vessel in my eye. It really hurt and made my eye feel tired for a week or so. I'm all healed though, so no worries.

Hi there! You know I had to put some selfies in there! I know it doesn't seem like it here (FILTERS AND THEN MORE FILTERS), but I feel like I have aged this year. Of course its not a bad thing, everybody does, but this year I have really noticed my face changing, turning into the face its going to be in my middle age. It surprises me sometimes when I catch a glimpse in the mirror, like, who is this person that is almost 40? P.S-please disregard my crazy brows haha.

Getting to the country and seeing my Jessi and the boys (and Rob! Hi guys!) is always such a relaxing, fulfilling time for me. I only wish I had time to see all my friends and family more often. 

Ubisoft gave its employees little spruce trees! So Dave brought his home and we planted it. It has been so hot that it hasn't grown much, but it is still alive and green, so I would call that a victory so far. Dave named him Spruce Willis. Hilarrrrrr.

I finally found one of these guys at Ikea for $20. I had been searching on all the hipster places online and of course they were $100 or more. Annoying. But I found one! And I am very happy with it, even though we haven't put anything in it yet and we have had it for 2 months. The plan is fresh herbs, but right now its too much for my mind to think about. It'll happen.

But look what we did grow! A Tuna! (her name for those of you not in the know). She begs to get into everything and quickly realizes that she hates it. Weirdo.

She is so happy here, trust me. This is just her face all the time. She is old and cranky.

And then here's the weirdo again. Anyone who thinks that cats have no personality, they need to spend a little more time with them!

Long hairs.

Shorter hairs! I needed a cut for the summer. It was too long, too heavy, and I never did anything with it anyway. NO THIS IS NOT THE BEGINNING OF THE INEVITABLE MOM CUT.

I had an allergy test done a couple of weeks ago. The big hive is the 'control' hive so its nothing. The doctor said I don't have allergies. Any experts here? Because my symptoms for the past 20 years SAY OTHERWISE. Plus, I had an allergy test with a different doctor maybe 7 years ago, and she said I most definitely did have allergies. So I don't know. The main concern here is my lungs because I seem to have asthma or allergy-induced asthma. I went for a lung function test so we shall see. I have to wait 2 months for the results. Stupid, but I guess its not an emergency.

The ice in my water was trying to get fresh. It would fit right in on Tinder. Not that I would know, I'm married! This gal has her ear to the ground at all times though, need to stay cool and hip *ahem*. It's 7PM, is it bed time yet?

Does this hat show my age? Bargain at $10. Oh god I really am frigging old.

Because of the insane heat here, Dave and I went to Bath and Body Works and he bought me Fall soaps and candles. Because I am literally counting down the hours. Come on cool weather!

I knew Michael's would have all the Fall and Halloween stuff out already, so I dragged Dave there on the weekend to bask in the fake greatness. I found these two characters, set this picture up, and sent it to my mom with the caption "Dave and I on our wedding day". Haha! Get it? Because we will be caputzkies before that happens. I'm here ALLLL night folks.

This made me happier than it should. I am obsessed. I just love the beginning of new seasons. By the end I am over it, but the month or so leading up to each one fills me with excitement! 


One thing summertime likes to offer up, is some pretty glorious sunsets. I hope you are enjoying a few yourself, where ever you are in the world.

UPDATE: We bought some herbs last night. I know you were dying to know. Sorry for the crap picture shut up.

Happy Wednesday beautifuls!

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