Autumn Essentials

by - September 29, 2016

Autumn is most definitely here, as we have all seen in the last few days. Today: rain and cold. For the next two months: rain and cold. Everyone appreciates being prepared for the season, as well as having their own go-to items that are essential to get through it. Here are a few of mine...enjoy!

An umbrella: duh. It rains ALL the time in the Fall. I do not mind this, but I could not live without an umbrella. I have a cute one that fits right in my (giant) purse, and there it stays until Winter. Thanks mom!

YES TEA: As much as I do enjoy coffee, tea seems to be what I want to drink when Autumn hits. My favorite tea of all time is Earl Grey, steeped for DAYS. Black. The stronger the better. I have my eye on this Cream of Earl Grey tea from David's Tea. I'll let you know if it's good.

Travel Tea Mug: how cute is this one (also from David's Tea)? No I am not sponsored. I wish! It even has a little hidden compartment for tea leaves so you can have another cup later. Brilliant.

Giant scarf: It is required. Might as well invest in a cute one. One as big as a blanket if you want a chance of staying warm in Canada. Also, doubles as a full body coverage shield on the subway?

The classic camel coat: the cut of these coats trending for 2016 are so masculine they become feminine (what?). Figure that one out. But honestly, I am loving the look of this coat this Fall. I don't have one though. Who wants to change that for me?

Chapstick: I don't know about you but my lips are always needing some serious moisture. I have tried EVERY CHAPSTICK INVENTED, and nothing seems to really do it for me. I have been hearing about this brand for a while now, so it may have to be my next purchase. It's supposed to be amazing. We'll see about that!

A sweet pair of boots: I have this. Only they need repair, and I have not been wearing them much because of it. So this will be my year! Boots are the shit though right? I'd rather wear Autumn and Winter clothes over Summer any day. 

Lipstick in Autumn berry colors: I don't wear lipstick due to my non-existent lips (!$@%&!), but holy crap these are beautiful! I'm crying. I wish I could pull this off, but I would just look like an old lady witch. Cool. For those that can, rock it girlfriend/ boyfriend, I am jealous.

I am no guru, but I am pretty sure this color goes with those fierce lips. Queen!

Fall flannels: Another staple. These shirts are so versatile you can essentially wear them in a million different ways, in a million different color combos. Throw one on over a t-shirt if its chilly. Tie it around your waist if its not. Do what you want, I don't care (I'm kidding!).

I hope that you are all staying warm, dry, and dosed up on vitamins during this change of season. The bus and subway everyday is a symphony of coughing and sneezing. It's gross and I don't deserve it. Oh boy I am just killing myself today I'm so hilarious.

Anyway my little crunchy leaves, what are some of your essentials for Fall? Stay warm cool cats.

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