Halloween Costume Ideas 2016

by - September 22, 2016

Hello there my little Hallo-weenies! Are you getting excited for the season? I know I am! And even though I am past the age of dressing up (except for last year's cow costume), it's still fun to see what's trending for the year. You never know, you might want one of these for yourself, or for the kids!

Of course, with the release of Deadpool this year, I have a feeling we are going to be seeing plenty of these guys stumbling about towards the end of October.

Ah yes, good old Pokemon. The craze that has taken over the planet, seemingly. Well, now you too can pretend to chase or be chased, or caught, or whatever the kids do these days.

$115.00 from AliExpress

For the more daring people out there, this Harley Quinn costume is pretty close to the original (from the movie). I personally like the shirt and bat.
$135 from Ebay

And of course there is the babe-ish Joker (weird). I think its funny that they used an action figure to show you what the costume looks like. But hey, it's a pretty cool, yet simple costume. Comfy looking actually.

$135 from Ebay

Who hasn't seen those hilarious videos of people in ridiculous dinosaur costumes chasing other people, or even riding a horse? If you haven't, check them out. And then BE them.

$59.99 from Buy Costumes

Now this one looks and seems a bit cheap and easy to me. Which I am ALLLLL about. So, be an Emoji. I would be poop, because poop and me, we're close.

$25.99 from Trendy Halloween

Now for the kiddies: more Pokemon. This costume is pretty adorable though. I want one. The costume, not the kid.

I literally know nothing about Frozen. I have not seen the movie, heard about the movie, have only heard a snippet of the song once for 5 seconds. But I don't have kids. I do know that kids, boys and girls alike, are mental for this movie. So moms and dads, dress them up in this cute costume. Yes, even your boys if they so wish! Why not right?

$24.99 from BuyCostumes.com

Finding Dory is another kiddie movie that came out this year (recently!), that I am sure all the little ones are begging their parents to bring them to see. So don't be surprised when they want to be Dory.

$29.95 at PureCostumes.com

This one is me trying to be WAY ahead of the game here. The Trolls movie doesn't even come out until after Halloween this year, but if it's a huge hit I guarantee this costume will be popular next year! Get a head start on it and either DIY one (like below), or find a cute one that your kid will fit into next Halloween.

Angry Birds. Enough said.

$33.99 from Ebay

Whether you are an adult or a child (I hope you aren't a kid reading this blog haha), which one is your favorite?

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!

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