Hello September

by - September 07, 2016

Hello hello indeed September! We had a glorious couple of cool days last week, but this week it is back to being as hot as the fiery depths of Hell. Next week we should see a cool down, and thank goodness! I am ready to bust out some Fall fashion.

Like sweaters and boots and scarves.

Frye makes the best looking boots. I have a beautiful pair, but a strap broke one of the first times I wore them. Need to get those fixed, reminder to self.

Me and my boots. And my roots. Cool pose, loser.

They are beauties.

Second important wardrobe piece for Fall is of course the comfy sweater. This year I am all about the long, over-sized sweater. Of which I own zero. Another thing I need to get on. This summer has been too busy! Plus, who wants to buy sweaters when it is 30+ degrees.? Not I. 

I'm ready to start hibernating. Which really isn't any different from what I already do, it's just more accepted in the colder months.

Don't forget a great pair of tights! There are so many really cool styles and colors that allow you to express yo self AND stay warm. Pretty much a win-win.

This color for Fall? YES. I am obsessed with it. In fact, I have my eye on a purse in the same color. This jacket is beautiful. It's Burberry though so most likely 50 trillion dollars.

Fossil, how I love you.

Hats and scarves: also key elements of any Fall wardrobe. Anything to hide my mess of hair is wonderful to me. Also, who feels more protected from people in more layers? Haha! Just weirdo me? Ok fine.

Something else to hide in. Oh and be warm in, duh. I honestly just want to be able to cocoon myself on the subway and sleep until I get to work. Never mind looking cute...its all about functionality (and invisibility).

Now let's get to my ACTUAL wardrobe all year round, and that would be pjs. The clothes I wear to work and sometimes on the weekend are just to be able to seem 'normal' in a 'normal' society. Lame. The minute I get home all that crap comes off and my pajamas come on. And cute pajamas are THE BEST! They make me feel nicer then any dress can (Thank you for loving me Dave, even though I am a pajama loving weirdo).

What do you get most excited for in the Fall?

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