October Life

by - October 29, 2016

Hello hello my little Halloweenies!! I hope you are all well and enjoying the STRANGE weather we have been having. It snowed last night, and tomorrow is going to be Summer-like again. Pick a temperature and stick to it please Nature!

Speaking of Nature, raccoons love my deck. They used to shit all over it all the time, which was fun, but now they just use it to sleep, and steal the water in my watering can. I'm ok with that. They certainly are stinking cute, and they have no fear. I shoo them away and they just stare at me like I am insane. Pose girl hey!

After Winter and the holidays, its no secret that Fall and Halloween are my other favorite time of year. I love the coziness of Fall, its just the best. I literally look forward to cuddling under blankets and being cold. Plus, the changing leaves make me feel alive again after a sweltering Summer.

Here is another stinking cutie I don't mind popping out at me. My brother and the fam were down in Toronto for a fun weekend and we visited them at their hotel one of the nights. I love having this little guy all to myself sometimes!!!

Soup is a staple when it starts to get chilly, duh. This butternut squash, ginger and apple soup is THE SHIT. It's so frigging good it makes me cry. If you want the recipe, let me know! It's super easy to make.

Cool days and colder nights involve A LOT of this. So much snuggling. I'm not complaining!

I'm sure many of you know about the (pop up) Spirit Halloween stores. Every time I see that one has appeared out of nowhere overnight, I get pretty excited, and 'force' Dave to come in and see what they have. It has become a tradition for us, even though we never buy anything (love being broke). Anyhow...I saw these Bebop and Rocksteady masks and SO wished I was a kid so that I could wear them out. At the same time.

Oh no, wait. I want to wear this. Oh boy haha!

Cute, no?

Dave, you are TERRIFYING.

A glaring of cats. I had no idea this is what grouped together cats were called. 

This one is too excitable and too clumsy. She hurt her leg pretty badly so we took her to the vet after a day of her not wanting to walk on it. Dummy. She keeps trying to run and jump on things and chase leaves from inside as they blow by the window, and so recovery is slower than I would like. But, she is obviously fine if she is playing like a maniac. She has always been my crazy girl.

Filter the shit out of THAT. Almost 37, feeling 137. Word.

Dave and I tried Chipotle for the first time this month. All I could think about was South Park and bleeding out my ass after eating. It was pretty underwhelming. No bleeding out my ass, and not that great tasting. GOD SUCH A LET DOWN CHIPOTLE. Those cheese spaghetti strings though....

My sister's birthday was on the 15th (and John's! My best friend forever in poop!), and we went to a really good Brazilian restaurant in Toronto called Copacabana. The star of it all was the hunks of rare steaks that servers brought to your table. Depending on what you preferred, they would cut thin strips of the flavour, cut, type of beef that you were making eyes at. Oh man yeah. Really good. Plus, they had live shows every hour of gorgeous dancing ladies. A good experience overall.

Happy birthday sisty! May the next year bring you everything you want! I know what you are wishing for xoxox

I dressed my cat up as Wonder Woman. So?

And a dinosaur.

And a bag lady. Perfect costume for her.

This one is like "fuck all y'all". I make the bed and put a 'blankie' on it FOR THE CATS. So that they can be warm and cozy. My god, they really do run the planet.

New socks. Pizza or hot dogs? Too hard of a choice. Maybe I will mix them up and wear one of each.

I was feeling it this day. Maybe because I brushed my hair? 

October is almost over you guys! And then November is here and the holiday season will be in high gear. The craziness of the next couple of months sometimes makes it hard to enjoy the lead up to Christmas (if you celebrate!). Dave and I, just today, were talking about when we first moved in together 10 years ago and our first Christmas together. We had almost no furniture, and we bought a tree that was WAAAAY too big for our tiny apartment, that we eventually had to remove all the ornaments from because we had a kitten that liked to climb the tree EVERY MINUTE. And we opened our gifts to each other three weeks early because we were so excited. HA! Those were the days though. Simple, and fun, and about spending time together and being happy with one present. 

So, do that. Go back to the times where it was fun and stress free. Who cares about the rest. I love you guys. Enjoy your candy you little monsters!

Have a great weekend loves!

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