Let's Just Get This One Out Of The Way

by - November 07, 2016

Hey there buddies! I know Halloween is over. I need to put this post up before I can move on to all things Christmas...and you know I'm going to!

A couple of days before the spooky day, I wanted to take a walk around the 'hood and see what was going down. Otherwise I completely miss it. I work all day and then come home when it's dark and I'm tired, so yeah, a pre-Halloween walk was needed to get in the spirit. Get it? SPIRIT??!!!

It really is a gorgeous time of year. It snowed here early last week (not anything lasting, and then it got warm again), but I was so frigging excited that when Dave picked me up from work I danced around in front of the car like an idiot. Haha! I am grateful though, that we don't have snow yet. Soon.


Mother Nature is a beautiful lady isn't she? Right now anyway...talk to me in February and ask me how I feel about the bitch then.

So my FAVORITE Christmas house ever apparently does Halloween too! I love these people, they get so into the spirit of things. I wonder if they would like to adopt an almost 37-year-old?

Haha! I love him.

This picture doesn't do the size of this thing any justice.

Oh you know, just an ACTUAL coffin on the front porch. My kind of people. I also love that no one seemed to care. When I lived out in the country, where the houses were very far apart, my uncle ordered a coffin for his dog, who was really old and about to die (yeah, he is weird). Anyway, the neighbors saw it and called the cops on us. Nosy country neighbors.

The ghosts of leaves past.

The leaves on this tree were so bright they almost looked hot pink. The colors this year are amazing.

I hope everyone is doing their best to look up today. Whether we like it or not, Christmas (and all the other holidays celebrated at this time of year), is right around the corner! Are you ready?

Check ya later.

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