IT'S DECEMBER...In Case You Didn't Know

by - December 02, 2016

ALSO HELLO. There is my face. The month of November was good, but also annoying as far as people and having to deal with them in my job. I see and speak to about 50 different people on a daily basis and there must have been something in the water last month I tell you what. My face says it all. If I had to choose a favorite it was "awww, are you expecting?". My response was, "Nope. I'm just really bloated BUT THANK YOU". Ugh, don't get me started.

The weather has been its typical dumb self, or, I am just so incredibly Canadian and complain about it regardless of what it does. It has been unseasonably warm for this time of year for the most part, sprinkled with freezing cold and some flurries. Jeez. NOT that I am wishing for -20C weather....but a bit of chill and some snow would be fantastic! So I can complain about that! Just kidding, I would never.


This was back in October I think. I made Dave chase a huge snow cloud that had formed over Mono Cliffs. All we got was a few seconds of icy rain, but I was so happy I almost pooped my pants. I love snow ❆

These two dummies have been loving the cooler weather too (what we have had of it). That means the space heater goes on. The space heater is their god. Plus all the leaves blowing around on our deck makes their little brains explode.

The day after Remembrance Day, I schlepped over to John's and we had our 2nd annual Christmas decorating and putting the tree up in his place. This just means we take 5 seconds to decorate and then drink our faces off until we both start yawning and I start whining about how the hell I am going to get home. Love that guy. Hi John my little snow pea!!

Of course Home Alone happens. This is a MUST at our annual gala of drinking and farting.

This really is as merry as it gets. I love that picture above it, it's so violent chic. I love John's place. I honestly think of it as a second home. It's so cozy and it has John in it. Can you guys tell that I love that guy? Don't worry, Dave knows.

And then we decorated our home! Yay! That goddamn bunting keeps falling down though. 

A quick trip to our favorite Christmas house is a must at this time of year. These people go ALLLL out. The details and touches are amazing. Go here to see what they do for Halloween! Or, you know, just check out the post I did before this one.

Copy cat. GET IT?????!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Speaking of kitties, this is Mighty. She is up for adoption where we sometimes go for our cat food. She is SO exceptional and we love her and want her so badly, but we already have three! Waaaaa! If any of you guys want to adopt a little 4-year-old sweetheart, let me know. She is amazing.

And this concludes this broadcast. I hope you guys are getting into the merry merry (that could mean anything you want it to) if you celebrate this time of year. If not, I hope you are having a lovely day, and a lovely month ahead! 💞

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