It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

by - January 12, 2017

Hello there lovelycorns! I saw this post in my drafts, waiting to be written up and thought, well crap...this is way overdue. Oh well, better late than never!

The month of December was WAY too busy. I don't know if I am lacking in energy because of my age or what, but this year December wiped me out! I had a very short but great visit with my Jessi and the boys. They are at such a fun age right now, and it's the best getting a day or two to do fun holiday things with them. I love them 💝 

Of course we visited our Festival of Lights in Owen Sound. Every year without fail, and I love it. Building traditions.

Then we traveled in space to get home.  

This year Dave and I got grown up Advent Calendars. We usually get the cheap ass cardboard tasting chocolate ones, but not this year folks! We glammed up! Even though I hate Lindt chocolate (bad accident one Christmas of eating 100 in one sitting at 6:30 in the morning), I still thoroughly enjoyed how bougie I felt every time I opened the little door. Next year, I'll get one (or 5) like this.

Guys I turned 37 on December 22nd. When did this happen? I know everyone says it but holy moly, it really and truly does happen quick. Life is going by way too fast. Whatever. 40 is the new 20. Right? Is that how it goes?

Ugh. We are morphing into each other. I don't even know who copied who. Probably neither, we just read each others' minds.

Look at how cool I am. I put Christmas balls in with my herbs. Good lord.

I really liked this bunting when I saw it in its package in the store, but it reminds me less of Christmas and more of a summer picnic. I feel like that was its original intended use, but they slapped 'Falala' on it to make it more 'Christmas'. I mean, I still like it, but wouldn't cry if it flew into the garbage and a cuter one took its place.

I love our cozy home at Christmas time. I was sad to take it all down this year.

Our little Spruce Willis seems to be surviving this harsh winter.

Jess was drinking this when I visited and she let me have a sip. It takes like Christmas in a can. 

It's Canada. It snows. What else is new? I love it though!

This was a storm and a half.

It has been SO SO SO cold here for the past few weeks. The temperature gets down to -18C at night, and that is not taking into account the windchill (which is usually -20 to -25C). When it gets this cold, our space heaters just can't cut it. So the oven gets turned on and opened. Waste of energy? Probably. Keeping us alive? YES.

Oh yeah and I also turned my brown upside down. Get it???!!! Honestly I can't even stand myself.

I just quickly glanced through this post and it doesn't look like I was busy at all. Busy doing what Katherine? Eating Lindt chocolate? Actually, yes. HA! Just kidding, it's always way too busy in December. I am taking it easy this year (I say that every year).

Do you all have a busy or relaxing holidays?

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