Spring Ahead

by - March 10, 2017

Hello there friends! We get to turn the clocks ahead an hour this weekend! I am so excited for it to be lighter in the evening, it is the first sign of Spring for me. And I am needing some green in my life right about now! (Not complaining about winter at all, it really was not terrible).

It has been a while since I have done a photo dump of what has been going on in our lives, so hey, you are in luck brotha! Take a little peeksie into my life with me over the last little while, would ya?

THIS right here is my life in a nutshell. Whenever we have to go somewhere I'll be like "I'm ready we can go now", and Dave will be like "five minutes I promise". Ok, cool. I know what it's like to be embroiled in a video game. But then he will say "5 more minutes" sixteen more times and NOW WE ARE LATE AND EVERYONE IS DEAD. And this is the face I make behind his back haha!

SOMEONE really loves cuddling. The cat likes it too I guess.

Can't you tell? 

Back when I used to eat pizza (stupid effing diet), I was euphorically eating away when an older dude pulled up and had THIS MANY air fresheners in his car. There are so many they form a big round ball. He must be a stinker.


My best (hi John!) sent this to me and I laughed so frigging hard. COME ON!! 

I was going through some old pictures and found this one of me from 1991 or 1992? OMG!! I was 12, and in seventh grade and therefore clueless, so why didn't anyone TALK TO ME ABOUT MY EYEBROWS (KRISTA). I don't know how things didn't get lost in those things, praise Jesus. Plus, giraffe goals.

Guys, I baked so hard.

Babe...and he's alllll miiinnneeee.

I FINALLY went and visited my parents for the weekend, through raging snowstorms and sleet and hail and walking uphill both ways. I didn't really walk...they live 200KM away. But it was heck getting there. But it was worth it to snap my Bailey girl catching a dirt nap. 

Also, Krista and I got our nails done. All the dry dead skin on my hands defeats the purpose of prettiness, but what are you going to do when it's minus 3000 outside and no amount of moisturizer works. 

Work vibes. That sweater is everything though, it looks like something my grandfather used to wear.

That is a heated blanket, and I am pretty sure she has a love affair with it. She just rolls around like a lunatic because she is so happy when we turn it on.

I made cauliflower pizza. Cool, great. So did everyone else. It was preeeeetttyyyy good though, I will admit.

Started playing a video game after a long hiatus. Uncharted 4, or as I always mistakenly call the Uncharted's....Unchartered. Yeah, like a bus. What a thrilling game that would be.

Looks so good though.

She is really excited about the game as well.

And a month later, I got them done again. What am I? A person who gets their nails done? Horrifying! I am just kidding. I have come to the conclusion that my nails are shit without a little help other wise. So here we are! 

This little sweetheart baby turned 15 last week. My heart, they grow up fast (haha!). I sent this picture to John and he said "raising teenagers is sooooo hard!" (he is has an old guy himself). Hahaha! Made me LOL.

Oh dear....something went wrong here. Dave and I laughed for 10 minutes after this particular photo shoot. Please tell me you do that to to your actual children. Laugh at them I mean. How else are they going to learn that this world is cruel?

Awww...aren't we annoying cute?

I mean, we all know I am soooo adorable. Filters 2017!

Will you be in awe of how light it still is on Sunday evening? Let me know if you will so I can picture us all staring up with our mouths wide open all at the same time. Sounds amazing.

Have a great weekend everyone! It is going to be REALLY cold here, so I am looking forward to blankets and space heaters and being cozy!

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