2017 Adventure List

by - April 04, 2017

Every year, I like to make a list of all the adventures I want to have. They don't always happen, but its nice to make a list and try to check off a few of them!

This year I want to:

1. Go canoeing...again- this seems to be a yearly thing that Dave and I do. We love it. It's a great way to get exercise and be out in nature. I'd like to go at least twice this summer. Here's hoping!

2. Have at least 3 abandoned house adventures this year-you all know how much I love my abandoned shit. Also, can we please take a moment to study my nostrils? I am turning into my grandmother. Just waiting for the perpetual, precarious drip.

3. Go on a couple of hikes- Nature and more nature. Can you tell I REALLY like getting out of the city as much as possible? We try to go on at least one hike per Spring/ Summer, but I would love to do it more often. Now though, when you are nearing 40, you have to pee all the time while enjoying your glorious hike. That has been a fun discovery.

4. Go on drives and discover random places- so nice when the weather finally starts to warm up and you just want to feel some wind and sun on your face. And blast music and drink coffee.

5. Go to the beach- I finally got Dave to go in the water last year and we had the most fun! So we would really like to get back to Sauble Beach (or any beach) this summer as well. Fingers crossed!

These are just a few of the things I like to fill my Spring and Summer weekends up with, and I really hope we can check a few of these off in 2017 as well. 

What are your favorite things to do in the Spring and Summer?

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