April Favorites

by - April 30, 2017

Hello there everyone! I wanted to try something a little different this month and write about the things I have been loving this month. In doing so, I realized I have been gravitating towards brightly coloured things, while still not skimping on the things that are useful to my everyday life. I also tested out a new photo set up (literally two pieces of white bristol board), to make the pictures look more profesh, so cut me some slack if you think its cringe. Let's do this!

So the first thing I have been LOVING this month is this Spigen Slim Armor CS iPhone case. I was on the hunt for a phone case that could store cards without being a bulky wallet type phone case, and this one hit all my checks.

There is a hidden storage compartment that you can slide open that fits two cards. I keep my TTC Presto card in there, and my bank card, so it kind of eliminates the need to carry a wallet everyday. It just works for me. I also loved the colour, and the price is not too terrible at $27.99.

And then the other thing I have been obsessed with is this sprinkle donut PopSocket. If you are unaware of what that is, it an expanding grip and stand for your phone. It has been the most useful thing for me and these old lady hands (haha!). Its cute and only $14, so yeah, perfect. And it is a sprinkle donut HI.

I purchased these Pure Orange iPhone lenses so that I could take better photos with my iPhone and I have to say, the quality of the actual lenses and photos are amazing. There is a fish eye, macro, and wide angle lens, and all three, including the clips, were only $25. I would prefer a really nice camera, but for now, these will do!

Ahhh my Matt & Nat backpack! THIS has been my favourite thing ever. It is so bright and Spring-y and it just makes me happy. I use this as my work bag, as my purse is usually so frigging heavy and hurts my shoulder, so I wanted to try out a backpack. Dave was such a sweetheart and bought this for me, and it gives me so much joy everyday that I use it. I pack it full of my crap and it sits comfortably, no pain. It's doubly awesome that I LOOOOOVE Matt and Nat. They are a vegan company that make exceptional products. The original price is $125, but we got it at Winners for $60!

Poop. Poop is always my favourite.

So many presents from Dave! He also bought me this Camkix Universal phone tripod. I have been using this often this month as well. Really well priced at $11.99 and it does it's job! So I have been really loving this and I have been having lots of fun playing around with taking photos.

Oh hey girl hey! Love my nails for this month. LOVE. THEM. Who knew I would be such a fan? Such a girl haha. I have received so many compliments on the colour. Pretty much on trend for Spring! Also, my skin is not actually that colour. I am more white like the white on this page, so not sure why I look so tan. Not complaining though. New favourite: my fake magical tan!!

Ok guys, ok. I am OB-SESSED with organization and planning. I always have been, I love making lists, and writing down the things I have (or have not) accomplished. For a year and a half I have used an Erin Condren LifePlanner, and I have used it religiously. I usually get one for Christmas which is amazing, as they are a little pricey (I believe they are around $80-$100 with shipping), but for something that you can customize, really be creative with, and is useful in organizing your life? This is my all year favourite.

Yup, I have two organizers. Not because I am particular busy, but because I find that these days, this is where my creativity comes out. And I 100% have jumped on the Bullet Journal bandwagon. These are blank, dotted journals, and you are free to do as you wish in them, while still holding true to the bullet journal approach. Mine is a Leuchtturm 1917 Medium in the colour Berry, and they retail for $25 at Indigo. If you like drawing, making lists, and planning at the same time, go for this. As you can see below, I am keeping track of the books I am reading this year, and this is the spread I chose to create. So much fun, and I am a nerd.

The next thing I have been loving, which is super new but so cute, is this black key holder I got off Ebay for $4. It is real leather and just keeps my keys contained and non-jangly. It's just sleek and kind of manly and I like it a lot.

And then to make it a little more girly and easier to find in my bag, I stuck on this watermelon fuzzy keychain from Ardene ($7.50). Adorable right?!

To take off my face everyday, I bought this Vichy Purete Thermale Cleansing Micellar oil at Shoppers for $19.95. I have used makeup remover wipes forever, but always felt like they didn't remove my makeup completely, even after I fully cleansed afterwards. This stuff is an oil, which is so much better for your skin instead of rubbing with a wipe, and once you gently rub it all over (ooo-la-la), it emulsifies once you add water and that shit just melts off yo face! Then you continue with your regular cleansing routine. I bought a bunch of other Vichy products when I bought this, but this has been my holy grail this month.

Also, I have been loving Spring!!!! Ye-he-heees!!! My allergies can go jump off a bridge, but it feels good, this weather.

My rose bush woke up! Yay! 

And Dave. He is always my favourite, for the past 12 and a half years what what! Love you, you dum dum. 

Sorry that this post was so frigging long! Let me know if you enjoyed it or are just like, pass/ you're boring. And let me know what you have been loving this past month!

Happy end of April lovelies! 

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