Spring Fling

by - May 18, 2017

Hi there my little Pokemons! I hope everyone is doing well on this horribly sad day in rock n' roll history (Chris Cornell RIP). I feel like some of my youth died today.

Anyway...this picture was taken in the middle of April...so a month ago. Still snow on the ground. And today it is like Hell sprung forth and engulfed the Earth in its fiery grip. Ok fine, it's not THAT hot outside, but it is in my apartment!

I have been hoarding photos on my phone, taking pictures here and there, but nothing is tangible as a story time post, they are all just one offs. I like to tell a story with my photos, even if that story is dull (kind of like moi these days!). So there you have it, today you get sprinklings of what has been going on over the past month and a half. 

I took this on the first day of Spring, and there was most likely a snowstorm raging outside. I can't remember really, but I would bet money on it. I was getting really excited for Spring and doing fun Spring things, but it has just been rainy and not very warm. Today, the fiery depths. We really only do have two seasons here in Canada. 

I will never have elegant hands. Even with nice nails, they will always be scratched or dry, or you know, old.

Oh my god this stupid little dumb cat! Does anyone else want to destroy their animals because you love them so much? AHHH!

My little 15-year-old girl 😻

I may have mentioned this already, but Dave and I have been following the keto 'diet' (HATE that word). This means, very very low carb and no sugar. So, lots and lots of high fat and protein and veggies, which I am ok with. And wow, it has worked so well for both of us its crazy. I was VERY skeptical about it at first but it's great. 

A recipe from this diet: nachos. Those 'chips' are made out of triangles of baked cheese. They were really good for the first 4 chips, and then we were toast. Actually we weren't toast. We aren't allowed to eat that ($^%^$^%$$&^%&^#!!!).

I bought some lenses for my phone to play around with and take more 'professional' photos for the blog. It's been fun putting together a makeshift 'studio' and testing things out this past month.

Mostly I love the fish eye lens though. So 1992.

Available for all your wannabe grunge videos.

My sister-in-law and nephew came down for a couple of days in April and I got to spend an entire day hanging out with them at the ROM. This kid, I swear to goodness, he is a nutter. In the BEST possible way. He makes me happier than I ever thought I could be...he's just a cool kid ♡

Mom and son. Cute and cute.

Hung out at John's abode. This place is like my sanctuary. There is nothing more relaxing and recharging than parking my ass on HIS chair (such a gentleman, I love you John), and drinking for a solid 6-8 hours. We literally do NOTHING. We sit. And drink. And sort of watch shitty t.v. Thank you John for being an extension of me...I couldn't live without you.

So I have become obsessed with organizing and planning. What do I have to plan? Nothing. I work and then go home, which I am 100% ok with. But let's look at an entry shall we?

Scoop cat shit
No, shower...you're nasty
Pet a cat
Fall asleep with wet hair and freeze to death.

This is how happy I am to be going home in an hour. I will rot on that couch all night if it's the last thing I do! Or maybe I'll be productive and beat Uncharted 4 (productive, lol).

Thunder storms have been threatening all day, and then a cold front is coming. It really was a spring fling. So here is to snuggling up tonight and chilling out in an apartment that isn't 30C at 11:30PM.

Happy rotting folks!

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