Resting Witch Face

by - October 15, 2017

Hello there my pumpkin caramel lattes! I hope you have all been good little witches and wizards, HA! Are you all getting excited for Fall/ Halloween? I know I sure am. It would be nice if Autumn would actually HAPPEN here, it has been so hot that we had to put our air conditioner back in. It has NEVER been that hot here in October, at least not that I can remember in my 37 years on this planet. Global warming? I think Mars used to be an Earth once too, just saying.

I got new glasses, and Jesus, did my hipster flag fly with these. I didn't even really notice it until everything was said and done, but oh well, I still like them. They are definitely a different shape for me. When I smile my cheeks push the frames up, so I'm sure that looks super cool to everyone.

This is what allergies does to you. This happened during a time when pollen and allergens were 'low'. Umm, yeah okay. Tell that to my poor eyeball. September was a bit of a crazy month. I feel like I didn't really DO anything. If it wasn't raining all the time, it was really hot. Plus, I felt pretty under the weather all the time because of these darn allergies. So I do apologize for being MIA, but you know, I have a pretty boring life. I am okay with this.

I did start decorating my house for Fall/ Halloween, when it was cold for a couple of days in September. I got the bug to decorate and be cozy, and then it got hot again. But, mini pumpkins, fairy owl lights, skulls and cozy blankets...I am ALLLLL about this for the next little while (until it's time to decorate for Christmas, and we all know I can't WAIT for that shiz).

My 15-year-old cat is OBSESSED with cuddling. I mean, she will cut you if you don't cuddle her. I was lying on the bed one day and she wanted under my shirt so bad. So I let her in. Who am I to say no? Look at that little nose though. I could strangle her she is so adorable.

And then there is this one who has a 'mom bum' that she tries to squish into tiny places. Cats are hilarious. We are always pointing at her and telling her she has a big butt, she has no shame about it though. Clearly.

OH heeeeeyyyy. Look at those roots. They are even longer now, because I have waited WAY too long in between hair appointments. Interesting to see how many grays I have. It has been a while since I let my roots grow this long and let the glitter hairs show themselves.

I bought a new desk. I am IN LOVE with it. Does anyone else think that Ikea was built as a social experiment to see how many couples they can break up? Dave and I ALWAYS argue putting things together from there (we don't normally argue), so this time I was like, sit back, relax, let Ms. Katherine-I-Don't-Need-Any-Help get to it (finger crack). Guess what? WE STILL ARGUED EVEN THOUGH I DID IT BY MYSELF AND HE SAT ON THE COUCH READING. Please tell me how this happened. She's a beaut though right? Looks easy to assemble. It's not. I am now an honorary engineer.

We went and saw It. This girl, who is afraid of clowns, saw It. I kind of had to was one of the first Stephen King books I read when I was 9. I have seen the made-for-t.v movie, blah blah I am a huge fan. It was REALLY good you guys. It didn't let me down. And it was my first time in a VIP theater. Tres fancy, I loved it ooo la la.

Driving towards Orangeville the other day, we saw this fog cloud coming towards us from afar. It was cool! Super sunny and clear, then once you were in it you couldn't see the fields on either side of you for about 5 minutes, and then super sunny and clear again. It was magical...why am I weird?

Oh Bath and Body Works, you sly little devil with your delicious scents. I have a small collection building up. Nothing like my best friend who has an entire apartment full of candles. I am only slightly exaggerating.

A Friday evening well spent. I know it's early blah blah BLAH. It is never too early in my house. I don't know what that means. If something makes me this gloriously happy, why wouldn't I want to experience it year round? (I don't, because you know, society and it's stupid RULES, but I would!).

Let me know what the weather has been like where you live! 

Happy Sunday evening my creepy ghouls!

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