Post Merry and Bright

by - January 11, 2018

Hey there friends and neighbors! It's your favorite slacker here. Just kidding, there has just been nothing of note to post about lately, and that's ok! Sometimes life is about waking up, working, going home, drinking your face off and crumbling into a downward spiral of depression, and then getting up and doing it all over again. HA! I am joking, but you know, life can be mundane sometimes. Having said that, you know this lady is excited about Christmas though!

Man, speaking of the holidays, when you work in an office and there are only 2 employees, and one of them is Jewish and can't eat any non-kosher treats, guess who gets all the giant Christmas treat baskets and wine? Yeah, me. NOT that I am complaining, but oh boy it's a lot of junk food! And yes I realize that I don't HAVE to eat it, but be quiet.

We were good little people and waited until after Remembrance day to put up our baby tree...which this one promptly tried to eat. This is her "I'm not doing anything" face, even though I can hear her loudly chomping on it across the room.

First world problems here, but I had to buy a new phone because my perfectly good one that I never dropped, cradled like a baby, and never had any problems with, died. Just died. Tried to get it fixed a few times. No it was dead. So yeah, I lived without a phone for 2 weeks, and didn't care THAT much. But, we live in a world where you need one, so I bought an iPhone 7 Plus. I had a 6 Plus. Could have gone to an 8, but no, I'm not spending that much money on a phone ever again. %$#^%$&%#@ APPLE!!!!

Our advent calendars this year. Yes, we buy them, because we wish to relive our childhood excitement of opening that little door every day in December. Only we buy the expensive ones now. HA! Next year I want to invest in a really cool one, like from the Body shop or something. Not to eat obv.

Now for a bunch of pics that are obvious and need no captions.

Oh wait this one does. This was a pumpkin risotto with goat cheese and cranberries that was so good I made it three times in December.

Also noteworthy: I bedazzled a skull in Christmas colors because I am an old lady. 

Dave's Mecca. Cosmo Music. They go all out with the holiday decor, I love it.

Had to get a phlebotomy in December, and this was only the beginning of the bruise I grew after that fun sesh. Oh well, it comes with the territory.

This photo makes me happy and sad. Happy because how cute are they? And sad because the orange gal (name of Pandorah, this blog's namesake) has cancer and we need to do that thing that no animal lover wants to do, and it is destroying me. We found this out a couple of days after Christmas so that was depressing.

You missed the mark, tubbs 💓

This was probably one of the first snows that fell and stuck, and I wanted to capture it. I do love Winter and I love the snow. It has pretty much snowed every day since so yeah, that magic is gone haha. I'm kidding I still like it, not sick of it yet. The temperature has been insanely cold as well, but its making for a nice hibernation. Well, other than that pesky work thing I have to do everyday.

I'm sad that this is over. Even though I have been lazy and my tree is still up. It's fake so its ok. Right.

New favorite soup, chicken tortellini. So good and filling. 

Hi. Bye!

I hope that you all had an amazing holiday season, regardless of what you do and don't celebrate. I did and didn't at the same time, but such is life. Sorry for posting this so late as well! Time just got away.

Love y'all who take the time to read this thing.

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