February 2018 Monthly Favorites: Cozy Edition

by - February 27, 2018

Photo Credit: Nordic House
Well hey there! Anyone else dragging their butts at the end of this short-but-feels-long month? February, you are testing my tired patience girl! Just chill with your grey and slush and everything (although presently the weather is almost spring-like, it won't last).

Anyway, when I am in a mood like my February mood, I just want to go home at the end of a long day and get cozy. So I put together a few things that I want/ need/ longingly stare at that make me feel relaxed and comfy. 

A monthly reader subscription box- who wouldn't want to curl up with a good book,some tea and a baked good? AND get a fun present in the mail? This box from Cozy Reader Club looks pretty awesome if you ask me. 

This bath tray from Etsy looks like something I need STAT. Well, I guess I need a bath first (I cry real tears about this everyday), but good lord child I would buy this thing in a heartbeat if I had a soaker tub. It holds your wine glass! Look at it!

Soft and plush blankets. Oversize ones. Throw them all on me at once please. My apartment can either be stifling hot or freezing cold, you never know what you will get from day to day. But when it's cold it is FREEZING. These pastel throws look like something I'd snuggle up in and never come out of.

Candles, specifically pretty coconut candles from Bath and Body Works. Candles always up the cozy ante, and I am always ok with this. I am still currently trying to burn through my winter season candles which, to be honest, is making it feel even more relaxed at home.

I have become obsessed with wrap coats lately. And this one from Nordstrom checks all the boxes for me. The colour, the collar, the length...how perfect for the constantly changing temperatures we will experience over the next month? Just throw on an over-sized scarf if it gets cold.


And last but not least, copper fairy lights. I actually own these ones and I love them. They add just the right amount of twinkle without making you feel like its the holidays. I have these on all year round, and they definitely turn any room from blah to cozy with a flick of a switch.

What is your go-to cozy at this time of year?

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