Spring 2018 Bucket List

by - May 23, 2018

Where, or where, does the time go? I started this post before actual Spring even started and now we are about halfway through it! Good lord, the older you get right? I think it's mostly that I am just trying to get through the day and survive my allergies. I know a lot of you are with me on this.

Anyway, on to the list:

1. Visit family and friends more - I feel like I am on my way to doing well on this one. We see Dave's side of the family a lot which I love, but not my side enough! But I did see everyone this past weekend which was lovely. I'll check John off my list this weekend. Just need to see everyone else that I have neglected for eons because I am a lazy asshole bear. But I do love you guys.

2. Go on a hike.

3. Explore an abandoned site. I have had this place on my list for a while now:

The Barber Paper Mill. We just need the mud to dry up a bit and it's ours for the exploring.

4. Read at least 7 books before Summer begins (to reach my 25 book goal for this year! 😡 ). I am currently reading this one: 

This was one of Kurt Cobain's favorite books, apparently. So you all know I'm down with that. Also, Dave told me that, so I'm not that cool.

5.  Plant some shit. 

6. Plan and book a getaway- done! It's not until July, but we are heading to The Glenerin Inn for some 'laxing.

And then we're going to do some of this while there:

A little hiking along this cool trail.

7. Get a damn massage. Maybe I can do this one during our getaway as well (even though technically it will be Summer but cut me some slack here!).

And that is probably all I will strive for, since it's almost summer for goodness sake! I've been lazy this Spring (and broke. Broke is the # 1 thing). 

Enjoy your Spring my little blossoms! 

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