Rattlesnake Point 2018

by - September 27, 2018

Hello hello my little Fall pumpkins! How has everyone been doing? I have been great, other than you know, life and being busy. And not in a hey I'm soooooo kewl and busy! No, more like all I do is work and I want to jump off a cliff. 

Oh what a segue...Dave and I visited Rattlesnake Point, which actually has cliffs, but I didn't jump so I must be mostly ok. Holy crap I need to not write when I have had zero sleep and too much caffeine. You guys are in for a ride!

This was the first nice day in a loooong time last month. It had either been 1000 degrees (I'm only KIND of exaggerating), or raining and 1000 degrees. So we didn't even think about whether to go or not, we just hopped in the car and made the journey. I had also only had about 3 hours of sleep the night before and was slightly delirious. But let's go on a hike!

Cat hair pants. My life allllllll the time.

While Dave was using the facilities (haha fancy), I heard a crazy commotion in the area of the dumpsters. It seriously sounded like a snarling mountain lion. But when I bravely took a peek (I was honestly kind of scared), I saw these guys! God I love raccoons, the nasty little things!

Anyway, they were trapped in there so I stuck a stick in for them to climb out, which was placed there for, I'm pretty sure, that very reason. So yeah, we hadn't even started our hike and we were pretty much animal conservationists.

Yay! Bye little ones! Don't come over and poop on my deck like your mates do! 

Ok, let's get this party started.

Hawks everywhere. I love these fliers too.

It's just so perfect up there. 

Some might say this is a cheeky photo, no?

This is my favorite part of the hike. You are in the shade, there is a cooler breeze, and it is green and beautiful. I would love to live in a forest, maybe as a witch? That could be fun perhaps.


I'm guessing this was here from a class on how to build shelter? Otherwise, why? I bet it's another witch, on my turf.

This is a lot higher than it looks. I couldn't sit as close to the edge as Dave, as I have a bit of a fear of falling. Not of heights, but of falling, which is strange.

This was the part of the hike where I was really starting to fade. My exhaustion had slowly been creeping up on me, and this is where it knocked me out. Dave was like, there can't be that much left, let's just finish, instead of going the other way which would have taken us to the parking lot. And OF COURSE, the rest of it was all uphill, and it took FOR-EVER.

The views are amazing. Being out in nature cleanses my soul, as cheesy and cliche as that sounds. I live in a city that has 2.8 million people, and I work in a job where I deal with people all day. And I don't really like people haha. I do, but I am an introvert. Being around and having to talk to people all day is incredibly draining for me.

But this, and all the 'noise' that comes with it, is my favorite sound in the world. I think I need a long vacation, up in the mountains somewhere, with no people, and no cell phone. Just books and maybe some movies. And a fireplace. Anyone have a place they can offer? 😇

Now that Fall is officially here, I am looking forward to hiking among the changing leaves, and cooler temps. 

What are your favorite outdoor things to do this season?

Stay cool raccoon birds!***

***Don't mind my insanity today!

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