Sweater Weather

by - August 27, 2019

I'm so ready for it.

The darker, gloomier days, the cozy nights, blankets galore, and NO. MORE. SWEAT.

I do have a love/ hate relationship with the gloominess that comes with Fall and Winter. I honestly do prefer gloomy days over super sunny and Summer-y ones, but man the amount of dark days we get is too much. It can get a body down.

Not that it has been so terrible over the last few days, but I feel like this was our first respite from the constant heat. And please don't kill me, but I am getting SO EXCITED FOR FALL!

Why is everything so cute and cozy in the Fall? This little shop is adorable.

I know it can be gloomy. But I like it. I feel like it inspires me, it wakes me up, it gives me a weird dark energy. Haha. That sounds crazy, but it's true. There is a fine balance though: too many gloomy days in a row and then I'm sapped of life and just want to burrow under blankets and watch crappy horror movies all the time. Oh wait! I already do that EVERY DAY.

Imagine being wrapped in blankets and sweaters, drinking hot apple cider (spiked) or a glass of wine, staring at the mournful sky and having deep conversations. 

Not to mention all the Fall hikes. There is no denying the beauty in the changing leaves. And it will be SO nice not to sweat to death hiking for once. 

Of course we can't forgot about pumpkins and apples and falling leaves and the inevitable countdown to....

My SECOND favourite time of the year: Halloween!

Oh right, and sweaters too. I like sweaters.

Well my little Autumn leaves, I hope that everyone's transition from Summer to Fall is an easy one! I know I'll be completely fine when the weather gets a little colder, layers are needed, and icy drinks switch to hot ones.

Are you looking forward to Fall or crying over the end of Summer?

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