Time Moves Slowly, but Passes Quickly

by - November 14, 2019

Well hey there lovelies. This year has just run away from me hasn't it? I've barely posted. For two reasons that sort of go along with each other: 

1. I've been questioning my content like crazy all year. I've been thinking that what I posted when I was 30 and hip (ha! the fact that I just used the word 'hip' should say everything), isn't necessarily going to be cool now that I am almost 40. I used to like posting the fun shit we did (which wasn't THAT much stuff), but now all we do is hike and listen to AM radio (DAVE!).

2. I don't do anything anymore. I'm boring. I'm totally fine with this. 

But then I also remembered: this blog is about my life. Not just the fun parts and the cool parts, but all the parts. And I really like writing here. So fuck it. You are getting me until I'm 90 and all I write about is my excitement for my bi-weekly bowel movement.

Seriously though, 2019 has just flown by. Because mostly it was mundane, and that's ok. I try to break things up with something fun every once in a while, but sometimes I also just want to sit on my ass and play Home Design Makeover on my iPad for the entire year. And I have succeeded in fulfilling this desire. 

I feel like the next 3 pictures happened within a month and a half of each other.

And this too. Can you believe everything is already holiday season this and that? Now, I'm not asking if you hate that haha. The feelings on this are VERY divided. I happen to love it so I don't care that it happens earlier every year.

What a precious little angel she is. HA! She's a calico so she can be insane, but we love her. 

Anyway, I guess what I am saying, is that I am going to write more, and post more boring pictures of things with a few of me sprinkled in, and you can watch me age un-gracefully and cry with me and give me beer and tell me you can barely see the wrinkles.

Oh. I finally got my passport (which was a shit show hiiiiiiiiii Krista!!) and went to the States for my sister's b-day. We just went for the day to shop, with the rents. Why do I love it there so freaking much? I mean, the orange thing aside, I do love it there. It's beautiful and depressing at the same time, and that is my favourite concoction. So, to any of my American readers, please don't ever change. Elect a new, better president, and maybe don't be so happy about guns, but yeah, the rest of the good parts of you can stay the same.

Like this sour patch kids cereal. WHHHAAATTTTT???? Who the hell was on what when they approved this? Hahahaha! I love this so much. I wouldn't eat it as breakfast if you paid me, nor would I ever put milk in it, but I'd eat it as a snack when I felt like staying awake for 5 days. I should have bought it.

This is what I mean though. Like look at me baking I'm so exciting and awesome. Not a bore at all. Although my parents did buy me a mixer as an early birthday present and THAT is exciting.

I mean, those cookies are sexy.

Any Elvira fans out there? Name that doggo.

This is a great tree. 

That's a great face. 

I hope this was very informative into what has been going on with me this year. To re-cap: nothing. So there you have it. Maybe 2020 will be a more exciting year? I'm not going to hold my breath or anything. Because I'd die. 

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