Picnics and Animals: Part 1

by - July 19, 2011

So last week we had a company picnic.  I probably shouldn't even be blogging these because someone could potentially find them and then...oh, like I give a shit.

Last week (and the 4000 weeks I have worked here) was a bit of a hell week.  Super busy fun times.  Anxiety and allergy attacks were on the roster as well.  So the last thing I wanted to do was leave work at 3PM and head out into the heat to attend a picnic in the woods.  I was one of the last people to leave because I was trying to get my shit done and everyone was barreling me along.  Ugh!! Who says that?  I am making it sound like I would have rather been working than attending a fun picnic in the park.  NO!  I would rather have face-planted into my couch, thank you.

BUT...as you can see, it was a GORGEOUS day.  I took a few deep breaths and exited the building.  And my crazy brain.  I actually thoroughly enjoyed it.

 You are beautiful baby.

 Still a little keyed up/ rigid here.  Can you tell?  My pose seems...posed.

I love this place.  It always seems so Christmas-y.  Even in the Summer.  And we all know how psycho I get I feel about Christmas.

There's the Kato we all know and love!!  More relaxed now.  The sun did wonders to iron out the kinks in my bones.  Sometimes I can be spazzy,

Ahhh....the park, the park.

Much happier now.

I have sat under this very tree many times in my life.  With many walks of friends.  You could say that this is 'the tree' in my life.

I have enjoyed a few picnics along this little stream.  Jess!  Make your pasta salad again and we will go!

Phew.  Less a walk and more of a HIKE.

I was trying to capture the sand storms our feet were creating while walking.

Did there used to be a house there?  What the faaaa?

I am going swimming on Sunday!  Not here, but somewhere better!  So this picture doesn't make me want to cry with jealousy anymore!  

You are lovely, even when you shove a burger in your face.

Look at that fucking creeper in the background.  Haha!  Naw, he is a nice guy.  A nice creepy guy.

Stay tuned!  I mean, if you want to see animals butts.

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