Aug 21, 2015

Happy Anniversary!

On August 19th, 2008, this little blog went live. And it has been a wonderful 7 years putting my mind, stories and pictures onto this space, never with the thought that anyone would read it! Even though I only take up a tiny corner of the internet, I just wanted to take a second and thank everyone who has liked and read this blog. 

I appreciate and love all of you! Here's to many more years! xoxoxox

Aug 17, 2015

Updates...This One Might Be Life Heavy

Hello my friends! I hope everyone is enjoying their August and the end of Summer! I know I know, bite my tongue. But it has been HOT here, like 39C with the humidex, and I don't love that kind of heat. I am more than ready for Autumn and the beautiful colours and coolness!

I have been going through the motions of life since May, and I will tell you why a little further down in this post. To say that 2015 has been incredibly stressful would be an understatement. But with good friends, family and most of all, Dave, I have been getting through.

The hipsters are taking over, take cover.

In July we tried to take in one of my sister's cats. My sister essentially uprooted her life (left her job, got rid of her apartment), because her husband was sent back to Morocco (long story). So, she had to bring her cats to my parents house to live, but this little girl, Lily, was not doing very well there. So I suggested she come to our house. All was fine for the first few days and then it was HELL. Our cats hated her and were in a constant state of stress, along with poor Lily. After a week we had to bring her back to my parents. Thankfully she is doing better now, but boy oh boy it was crazy there for a while!

It was also Dave's 33rd birthday in July, and we celebrated with some ice cream cake and canoeing. I thought these candles were cute because he is old and can only drink light beer now.

I literally got the worst sunburn of my life when we went canoeing too. Here and on my back. It was a lot of fun though!

We have had some pretty crazy storms in Ontario this summer, with a lot of tornado warnings, and even a few tornados. I was at my parent's house for a visit when these super scary warnings interrupted scheduled programming. I have never heard that before!

So, back in May, my mom went to the doctor and had some tests done because of an underlying health thing that had been going on. She was told at that time that based on experience, it could be cancer, but we had to wait for more tests to confirm. Two months later (!!!!!), our worst fears came true, and we found out that she has cancer. My mom has cancer. For those of you who have gone through this you will understand when I say that when you hear those words, everything sort of stops around you and becomes very quiet. I am sitting here trying to put it into words and I can't. 

Thankfully, surgery and potentially chemo/ radiation will make her as good as new. After two months of not knowing exactly what is going on, it's good to have a course of action now. Although surgery and all the rest is also stressful, it's still better than how the last two months have been. Early September she goes in. I will keep you all posted.

My sister took this picture as my parents were going in to find out the diagnosis. She sent it to me and I wanted to just cry. It's a sick joke that we have to watch our parents get older and sick. It isn't fair.

Everything after that share will just seem silly now! :P But like I said, going through the motions and trying to be normal definitely helps. Even when you don't feel like it. I go through wanting to sleep all the time (how I deal with stress/ depression) to just wanting to go out and do stuff. Usually the sleep wins.

And colouring helps. It's very soothing!

Cute cats definitely help. Except when they are being assholes, which we all know is 90% of the time #ilovemycatsmorethanlife

This guy too. He is my rock, and my love.

Dave and I have been vegetarian now for a few months. I was one for over 10 years and then went back to meat, but now I am back where I belong. 

We discovered a restaurant here in Toronto called Hogtown Vegan. It is so good it makes me want to weep with joy. Vegan comfort food? YEEEESSSSS. They have stuff like unchicken and waffles, and phish and chips, and the mac and cheese, good god. And no, not sponsored. I just frigging am in love with this place. Check it out if you are in Toronto, even meat eaters will love it.

We had the worst storm in recent memory here in Toronto a couple of weeks ago. Holy moly it was bad. Crazy rain and wind and the works. It was scary.

This was my street when we got home a few minutes later (we were out when it happened).

But we were good, all was well, once we re-taped up a window that has an air conditioning unit in it. The water was pouring in.

About a week and a half ago we brought my sister to the Pierre Trudeau Airport in Montreal to send her off to Morocco for 2 months. Although I am really happy for her that she gets to see her husband again after a few months apart, I am going to miss her! But, technology is awesome and with WhatsApp and texting and Facebook, it is awesome how much you can stay in touch.

I put together a little video of mine and Dave's time in Montreal. We were only there for a night and a day, so we stuck mostly to Old Montreal, where we had poutine, visited the Notre Dame Basilica, Steve's Music, and walked a bit downtown. All in all it was fun, but holy moly Dave drove for 15 hours in a matter of less than two days! He's amazing, and we were exhausted, but good to go to enjoy Montreal!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all have an amazing week!


Aug 8, 2015

Canoeing the Grand 2015

So this post is a couple (a few maybe?) weeks old. Jeez. Where does the time go? I took Dave on a canoe trip for his birthday in July, and it was awesome. We had been canoeing a couple of times before (see those posts here, here, and here), but this time we decided to go for broke and do a 20KM canoe trip. It was intense, but a lot of fun. Scroll down for my vlog of the entire day!


Oh god the brown hair. It has since been rectified.


It was a perfect day for it. Hot though. Very hot.

You don't feel it on the water though. It's nice and breezy and beautiful. Hence why I got the WORST SUNBURN OF MY LIFE DESPITE APPLYING SUNSCREEN.

Happy birthday Dave!

Ooooo we are rebellious. You aren't supposed to drink beer while canoeing with the company we go with. We say eff you to that!

An awesome day was had by the both of us. 

I guess I missed that part of my leg with the sunscreen. Oops. No I am not hairy by the way, it's dirt. Cool.

Anyways, enjoy my vlog of the day. It's a good one!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Stay tuned for our trip to Montreal, it was an emotional and pretty fun couple of days.

Love yous!!

Jul 18, 2015

10 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

I thought that since it is going to be STINKING hot here all weekend in Toronto, it would be helpful (and necessary) to make a list of all the ways you can stay cool this summer.

1. Drink plenty of water - whether it's cold or warm, water will drop your body temperature a little bit and will keep you hydrated. Very important when the heat is sucking you dry!

2. Air conditioning - If you can, stay in a home that has air conditioning. No need to go outside if you don't have to! Try to plan ahead on super hot days: buy your groceries the day before, make plans that consist of being indoors, and sit back to enjoy the cool, delicious air.

3. Popsicles - I love popsicles all year round, but they are a staple in the summer heat! Stock up on the sticky treats so that you aren't left wanting when the heat gets the better of you.

4. Visit the pool or the beach - If you have access to either one, go for it! The water will cool you down and make you forget that you are a sweaty beast. Just don't forget your sunscreen!

5. Wear light clothing - nobody wants their clothes to stick to them. So wear fabrics that won't, and wear things that are loose. Your hot bod will thank you for it.

6. Indulge in a cold drink - why not? You deserve it today. Just make sure to chase it with plenty of water...the sugar in soda can dehydrate you more!

7. Stay in the shade - if you have to go outside, do your best to stay in the shade. It is a few degrees cooler there, and hopefully you won't bake to death anyway.

8. Take a nap - naked. With arms and legs splayed so that nothing is touching. Try and time it so that you take a nap during the hottest part of the day...with any luck, you will sleep right through it!

9. Eat light - salads and fruits are your go-to when the weather is hot. Eating heavily will only make you feel sick, so stick to the light fare.

10. Take a cold shower - when all else fails, hop into a cold shower. It will immediately cool you off, and afterwards if you move very little, you can hold onto the coolness for a little while.

And there you have it! Those are all the things that I try to do on those stupidly hot days! I hope that this helped even a little bit, because lord knows it sucks being hot when you don't want to be.

I hope you guys enjoy your weekend! I'll be hanging out with John tomorrow in his air-conditioned house, drinking wine. Maybe I'll throw in some ice cubes, you know, to stay cool.


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