Up To No Good: Abandoned Barn Edition Part 2

So what did we find in the barn?

At this point I mentioned that I felt like I was in the Walking Dead, that when we rounded the corner the barn would be full of zombies. The mood of the situation matched the feel of the show. So much trepidation.

Although I probably wouldn't be smiling if that were true.

There was a lot of junk in that barn.  A lot. Which begs the question once again: WHO just up and leaves a building like this? Whether it is a house, or barn, or boat...what were the circumstances? Especially places that still have everything in them, left the way it was? Speaking of places left the way they are, the coolest story I ever read was of an entire neighbourhood who just up and left one day. They literally were in the middle of dinner, showering, playing ball...and they all just up and left. Read about Demon's Alley here (with pictures), and here. No one really knows what happened to everyone, nothing was ever proven, but the stories abound!

Lots of broken glass.

The entire floor was covered in old carpets that were just scattered all over the place. 

Along with a ton of other junk.

There were some tools of whatever trade the previous owners worked in. Nothing valuable though. Not that I would steal it...there is a rule followed by the people of urban (and any kind of) exploration: 'take only photographs, leave nothing but footprints'.

So there was a DEAD THING inside, but just a poor little raccoon that you can see for a few seconds in the video. It's not gross or anything, just dead. Too cold to be gross. Fair warning!  Also, I ask Krista if there is a ladder near her because I wanted to climb up into the loft section. There was no ladder, and she is too busy in a text trance to answer me haha.

Are you brave enough to explore abandoned buildings or ruins? I have to say it is one of my favourite things to do, hands down, but Dave would never step foot into one. He hates when I do, and would prefer not to know that I have done it until it's over and I am safe.  

But man do I love letting my imagination run wild, and these are the kinds of things that allow it to. 

It would be neat to embark on an abandoned house road trip tour...anyone up for it?

Up next, the abandoned boat!