The Burden Of My Soul: A Comprehensive Look At My Computer Issues

by - September 29, 2009

A little while ago I wrote a post discussing my computer problems and how I really need a new one.  I briefly touched on the hinge issues, how slow it is, etc, and it was funny.  Now, NOT SO FUNNY. 

Over the weekend, the other hinge decided to break. Although it has not completely dettached itself (yet), the screen now has no way to keep itself up.  So if I want to type, I have to do it holding onto the screen while I finger pick the keys.  I am thinking that I might add to the family of packing tape that is holding this thing together.

Dave and I decided to come up with a solution so that I may continue to write just to you folks! It is a very progressive idea, and one that is not a pain in the ass AT ALL.

First, I have propped my laptop screen up against our television stand doors.  So if you need a movie, or say, an extra controller for the PS3 because yours died right in the middle of an epic battle? Sorry dude, you are SOL. 

Secondly, I have plugged in an external keyboard into the laptop so that I may sit on the hard, uncomfortable ground while my soft 80-year-old ankles splinter and shave away bone from the pressure, and type.  This set-up makes me have to lean WAAAYYYY forward as I am blind and cannot see the type on the screen.  So sometimes I use the external keyboard, other times I use the laptop keyboard, but in both situations, please note that I am straining WAAAYYY forward.

Dave, being the smarty that he is, rigged up another way that I can write and get my lunatic thoughts onto a screen.  Any screen!  He plugged the external keyboard up to the Wii and I can write my blog posts that way.  The only problem with that is you can only view the post in HTML.  This is fine except that I am a creature of the 'Compose' button and I need to preview what I do dammitt!!  Also, I cannot add any pictures, labels, or links.  Or anything.  Ever.  It is really good to use when I am writing a draft of something though!


So there you have it folks.  The amazingness that is my computer setup.  Who here wants to REALLY see it when I smash my computer once I get a new one?  This occasion is coming VERY soon people, so speak up or forever hold your peace!   Well....I am going to post the pictures, possibly even video! when the time comes anyway.  You know, for posterity. 

Tell me what you want to see.  Explosions? Taking a hammer to it? Peeing on it?

Leave a comment! Send me some pity! Tell me to shut up!

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