All I Want For Wednesday Is...

by - March 03, 2010

A writing desk in the sunshine.  Like this one:

I would make a cup of herbal tea and I would enjoy the early Summer morning, when the grass was still wet with dew, and birds are busy gathering their breakfast.

I would read until the sun was hot on my neck, and replace the tea with a cold glass of homemade iced tea.  My day would be full of sunshine and little green bugs.

I love the colour of the desk above.  It makes me want a red desk now.  If I can't have a desk out in the middle of a field, this one would be neat:

It a more urban take on enjoying the outdoors, and siphoning creativity from the sunbeams and spores floating through the air. Even if you can hear the roar of traffic the next road over.  This desk is interesting:

How would you spend your morning if you didn't have to work? Or take care of kids, which is also work?  What would you do if you had every morning to yourself?

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