August 2012 Monthly Favorites

by - August 24, 2012

Sigh. Money makes the world go round right? And right now I wish I had a little extra money so that my world could go round!

These cute cat nails are so adorable I would stare at my typing fingers all day.  You know how much I love doing stupid shit like this to my nails.  Makes me haaapppyyy!

This super cute Vera Wang ballerina sweater is perfect for the upcoming cooler weather.  I am on the hunt for an awesome Fall sweater that looks just like this, or similar.  Has to hide my side chunks though.

This ASOS Ribbed Knitted Dress in 70s style is another contender for favorite Fall piece.  Although I am not so sure about the boots and dress combo (those boots in particular, not boots in general), I am sure I could rock it with my highly coveted Frye boots that I want so so badly!

V Collar Dotted Fashion Dress.  Need I say more?

ASOS Tort Cat Eye Sunglasses.  I have coveted these since the second I saw them.  I am just not sure they are for me.  I mean, I want them, but I have no way of trying them on.  Hmmm.  They are only $20.  Maybe I can buy them and if they don't look good on me I can pass them on to someone else.  Look at me always thinking of others!

What's on your wish list for Fall?


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