2013: A Year in Photographs

by - January 03, 2014

Well you guys....it's that time again. Time for another year in photographs post. This is my fifth year putting this together, and it is my way of remembering all of the amazing, mundane, adventurous, scary, and sometimes even boring things that I do in a year/ that have happened. 

And to break it down a little for you, these are the things I found noteworthy in 2013:

- my brother and his wife announced their pregnancy in December 2012 to the entire family, and we got a first look at baby James soon afterwards! It was a magical moment.

- I finally, FINALLY got to meet my B.C. based manager for the first time. We had worked together for 6 years, talking to each other over the phone 5-10 times a day. It was wonderful to get to meet her in person.

- I got laid off from said job.

- Getting to snuggle and play with my nephew Jackson, and spend time with my best friend Jessica (and her husband, who is like my brother) is always so precious to me. To see her as a mom makes me so proud to be in her life.

- Symphony with Dave.

- Crazy times in London with my sister. Dancing the night away and spending our money on luxurious hotels was always such a treat.

- Seeing my brother's wife get a baby belly was too much anticipation for what was to come!

- John took me to my first drag show and it was an absolute blast.

- the many, many abandoned adventures I went on with Krista.

- Starting my holistic nutrition course.

- many walks down the railpath to pick Dave up from work. And the many walks we went on together, getting lost in cemeteries, the woods, by the water, and everywhere else in between.

- sliding down an embankment on my butt, wearing a dress. Surveying the damage, it was mostly to my ego.

- James is born!

- Canada Day party at my brother's in-laws. So, SO much fun. And plenty of nephew time with my little guy.

- getting to hang out with my cousin and her son more. The kid has a huge personality and I love him to bits. He has a bright future ahead of him, that one.

- beach time with family.

- relaxing/ wine/ food/ laughing way too much time with my best friend forever, John.

- my brother's dirty 30!

- drive-in with Krista.

- cottage time with my bestie Chrissy and her family. Love those guys so much. Night swims and early morning swims.

- Depeche Mode with Krista.

- exploring Guelph with Dave.

- Playing with leaves and pumpkins.

-Visiting my nutty parents as much as possible. Saying goodbye to their old house, and starting new memories in their new one.

- bowling with the family.

-Christmas fun at Jessi's.

-Ubisoft Christmas party.

- Mine and Dave's second Christmas together (I know I know....we have been together 9 years, it's weird).

-High tea birthday fun!

-Frye boots! Oh my! (this one is noteworthy, believe me)

And without further adieu...

It's always nice to see it written down, the things you have done in a year. It's too easy to forget the beautiful moments of everyday life...it all gets lost in the hustle and bustle. Everything we do is an amazing thing, from climbing a mountain to grocery shopping...because it means we are alive. Let's try not to take it for granted in 2014!

Happy New Year everyone!

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