The Good Life

by - May 19, 2014

Life has been pretty busy as of late.  But this is good.  It's not good to be stuck on the internet all the time when you should be out enjoying life.  Even the little things.

Like this little one here.

We have been letting our cats on the deck lately.  Especially this one. We aren't really sure how much time she has left, so we are letting her do more things we didn't before: go crappy food....

Friday selfies at work.  Happiness abounds.


Went for my first run since last October.  I died a little but I pushed through it.

Put in an order with maintenance to switch my office around. They finally did it! And I love it the way it is now.  Before my back was to the door, now I am facing the door.  I plan to put a big plant in front of that awkward little part in front of the back of the desk.  And some art on the walls.

My perspective.  That terrible picture is gone thank goodness.

We have been going on plenty of dates/ adventures lately. The weather has been gorgeous.  Gorgeous enough for caramel frappuccinos at Starbucks

Discovered a new Thai place called Silk.  So effing good. I don't normally drink 'girly' drinks but their caramel apple martinis are out of this world!


On Mother's Day we decided to take a walk through High Park to see if the cherry blossoms were blooming.  

The leaves are all in now, one week later.  Everything just exploded in the past week.


The cherry blossoms were just starting to bloom on this day.  So we didn't get to see them in all their glory, but they were still beautiful.  It's a huge thing every year for people to go see them.

On the way home I scored a bunch of free books! Best present ever!

On the same day, my sister and I decided to go to Kensington to walk around for the rest of the afternoon.  We went to the Blue Banana, one of my favourite places in Kensington!

Well, except for their creepy mannequins. 

We bought delicious salt water taffy, and some sharp cheese and a hunk of bread and just walked around, and then eventually sat in the ghetto park and ate our bread and cheese.  We just needed some wine and it would have been perfect.

All in all though, life has been good! Enjoying everything that it has to offer lately, and brushing off the not so good.  Because things can always be worse, and life is a gift.  I hope you are all having a fabulous Monday! Post coming soon of what I did today!

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